Nippon Benkyo: えいが

I think you won’t believe that other than Anime, JPOP or even Jdorama, this is the first thing made me love Japan. Their movies… Oh boy, I thought I’ll love British movies but damn, Japanese movies are just a lot to offer!!!!!! Continue reading


ain’t eight..

If you ask me 8 years ago that this blog will run longer than I expected. I better say hell no. hahaha But damn, the time I’m doing this blog is longer than having a girlfriend plus studying in school combined. =) Continue reading


Nah, I don’t write Berserk. That’s Miura sensee job. hehe But surprisingly, after some searching accidentally, I ended up happy to hear that this series is back, in TV!!!! Wow! I heard the news before that there will be new 3 movies but this news came as a surprise. Even Miura will write a new novel in this coming summer. He has no choice to do the new chapter in summber because the TV series is produced by himself.
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