classics: Blade Runner 2049

I can’t believe that this film just earned $30 million at the first week. I don’t what know movie goers this generation wants. Isn’t a simpler story and few character developments type of film. How about a very short film with all the action and effects but less substance.. Continue reading


classics: Fist of the North Star anime first movie

I know people or critics, has like their top anime movies list.. Of course, they have these titles like Miyazaki’s movies, then Akira, GitS and other notable anime movies, how about Ninja Scroll? For me, this movie I know it may not make to the all time greats, but damn, I really love it. This is a classic!!! Continue reading

Classics: Sword of Doom

Japanese Cinema won’t be recognized globally without samurai flicks or chanbara as casually called. The typical story of men and women engaged in the way of samurai. It shows  a lot common types of stories such as a wandering swordsman helps someone or a village, swordsman in the middle of political struggle, or simply a swordsman on his way to retirement but called upon to serve one last time. How about a swordsman who is destined to die but yet, want to do one last meaningful job.. There are a lot of stories you can really think of.  Continue reading

classics: Talking Heads Stop Making Sense

The only song I knew from Talking Heads is burning down the house. I have no idea about them and when I’m just searching in about them and they have a film. Directed by Jonathan Demme of Silence of the Lambs, comes this wonderful rock concert film. Can you believe this was released as free in some film, I don’t that’s what says. Fantastic free film.  Continue reading