Flashbacks: Meeting a friend


Well, what can I say.. Maybe I can work as a tourist guide for Japanese tourist. hahaha Kidding aside. 2 months ago, my friend all of the sudden told me that she will go here in the Golden Week. Golden Week in Japan is always around first week of May. Long holiday, well almost 1 week. hehe

I thought she will go to Palau but suprisingly, she did not push through because she said it’s expensive! Ok, well I told her she was lucky to get a ticket because its peak season and tickets and reservations stuff are expensive in summer time. She told me it’s ok. I was surprised we will meet in Clark. Yes, there is an airport in Clark, Pampanga that I thought the last time I went there was kinda College days. hehe

Months passed and long and behold, time came and honestly I was well, still nervous. I only speak little nihongo but I don’t know what to talk about especially we are exchanging messages in LINE. I don’t know what to expect but I hope she’ll enjoy the meeting with me. Of course going to Clark was puzzling to me. But good thing to Genesis Bus, they have a one ride going to Clark Airport plus SM Clark from Trinoma. I found the websites and blogs about it and just followed. Wow, it’s like less frills ride, it only took less than one and a half hours from Trinoma to Sm Clark. Love the ride!


However, I was a bit early in my check in hour so I went to the apartelle hotel and advised and gave my reservation and they told me to go back before 2pm. I arrived like 11:30pm. Grab was way easier to get in Clark plus is kinda cheap. To my big surprise, I can go from my hotel to SM Clark in just one Jeepney ride. But a long walk. Very long walk. Anyway, I roamed around SM Clark, did some lunch, my haircut and looked around. SM Clark looks big and wide outside but inside, it’s like SM Southmall. hahaha Weird but a lot of people go there because it’s the only mall in Clark.


I was craving for Pampanga cuisine but when I look around my hotel and the nearby places, I thought I’m in the middle of a red light district so it dashed my hopes. I think I should go to other towns in Pampanga to try great Pampagueño cuisine. I’ll do that sometime.

Anyway, after waiting and walking around like a lost boy in SM Clark I went back to my hotel room and all I can say, damn.. It’s a good staycation place. Bwahahaha So I need to spend like 2 hours of waiting before I go to the Clark International Airport and pick up Ayumi from there. But as you can in the pics, it’s clean, it has ehem glass bathroom but with curtains of course and cable TV plus fiber wifi internet for free. Aircon is nice and shower is cool. Damn, I hope I could stay longer than overnight here!!!!!

4pm I went to the Airport through Grab again and it’s very hot.


But surprisingly, not that crowded unlike the NAIA terminals here in Manila. Anyway, good thing Ayumi sent me a message that she got out early and after a few minutes, yeah I saw here. Interesting Lady. =)

Anyway, I was surprised that she only brought a big back pack, no big luggage like Kasumi which was heavy. hahaha But anyhow, good thing she preferred to speak english almost all the time. She quite talkative. hehe But very energetic and considerate. Ok so I brought her in the room and just talk and rest first. She told me that the Osaka – Clark route is just released these past months. Wow, and it’s quite cheap. So, I thought of well, if I go to Japan and this route is way cheaper than NAIA to Narita or Osaka, damn, I’ll take this route. If difference is big enough to cover my lodging plus bus fare which was like 450php back and forth, I’ll take this route. I just hope I could travel soon. hahaha

Ok, so Ayumi’s trip to Cebu was at 1am so of course, I need to tour her around here at Clark. But first thing, well she went outside and have a shot of San Mig light. Not bad. hahaha I knew it, she is a strong drinker, way strong drinker than me. Yeah, another trip to SM Clark for the second time of the day. I just show her around, told her what stores are here and what this mall offer and like counterpart in Japan and yes, we end up in Congo Grille.

Oh boy, I haven’t drunk a beer in a year, what’s more for 2 bottles. She ordered Pale Pilesen and sisig and some crablets and yeah, perfect for the beer. I was not drunk of course, but having a fun time talking to her, how she finds the Philippines so far and how to get to her place in Shiso, Hyogo and yeah, asked her a lot of what are the great places in Japan. As she talks about it, the more I really want to go to Japan or stay there. Meet my friends there and if lucky some of my students. hahaha Then yeah, took some pictures.


Oh I forgot, she was very happy for the wax services here because it’s quite cheap. So I waited for her before we ate and drink at Congo Grille. hehe After some hours of booze and chatting, we went back in our room but before that, well she likes the purple jeeps. hahaha So she photobombed those purple jeeps.

Back to the room, she gave me what I ordered, the JLPT N2 level reading book. Boy, it’s like reading a puzzle now. hahaha I asked for this just for the preparation in the future. She wants to drink more but changed her mind. haha Because she will ride another plane going to Cebu/Bohol.

Well, she kept on inviting me going to Japan, I told her, not now but I’ll do my best if I have the money and time to go to Japan. And then, at around 11pm all she left going to Clark Airport thru Grab and we said to each other, じゃあ、またね!

Not Sayonara yet because it’s not the last time, I hope we will meet. See you next time. hehe

I went back to my room, filled with hope and fun experience meeting Japanese friend. Not bad for meeting two Japanese women in less than a year. hehe Anyway, I won’t compare both Kasumi or Ayumi, especially with Kasumi who I only met like 3 hours tops. hahaha Then she went and rode a bus to Baguio as scheduled.

What I can say, Japanese people as you know them better in a long time, it’s easy to communicate and you can really be friends with them. Downer is just that they are so busy most of the time, especially how their work culture do right? They don’t even take a rest!!!!They never stop learning or meeting other people, especially if they travel overseas. Damn, right now, I really felt, if only I have less responsibilities or let’s say I’m really single and I have a chance to do one thing I want to do to change my darn life..

I’ll stay and live in Japan. Now. hahaha Wow. Japanese people, just very nice and kind. I haven’t talked yet the places you can visit or things you want to discover there.

Well, surprisingly, Ayumi was able to do things that shocked me. She ate at Jollibee as I introduced it to her. hahaha She bought some groceries, like for example, she shown me a picture of Lucky me with egg and rice. Perfect for hungry stomachs and limited budget. hahaha

She said, she enjoyed her stay here but I don’t know if she will come back here.

I’m thinking now, maybe if I go to Japan, I don’t have time to enjoy Tokyo or Osaka or Kyoto.

I’ll meet my friends first unless if I have less budget, I think, I’ll advise them to go to Tokyo. hahaha I don’t know the one in Kumamoto will come to Tokyo just to meet me. Geez..



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