What if..

(Cowboy Bebop Film Adaptation live action)

Ah guys, it’s not official ok? I’m just making up. hahaha But well I thought Keanu Reeves will be doing this but we got John Wick. 2 films to be exact for John Wick. I just saw Full Metal Alchemist the live action version. It was close to be like Attack on Titan but Matsuyuki Yasuko is hot. hahaha Oh please, don’t ask me about Honda Tsubasa performance.

Anyway, like my Berserk guess which is at this link…

I’ll use a Japanese cast for this one. Either with high budget or low budget. hehe By the way, I’ll just think about the 6 main characters of this beloved and legendary Anime series translating to a live action movie.

1. Spike Spiegel – Nishijima Hidetoshi, this dude can really act, fight and the poker face he has fits as Spike! The problems are first, he might demand high fee and second he’s 47. Geez I know he doesn’t look like one, but yeah.. It might be a problem. I believe he can be look like spike, the messy hair won’t be a problem. If it’s low budget or want to get younger, they can go to Matsuzaka Tori, who is young and he can also act and fight.. But the fight part, he needs to improve though. Yes, might ask a high price. Film in a budget? I suggest Saito Takumi. Please no more Oguri Shun or Fukushi Sota. Ah! Yamada Takayuki will be fine just remove his beard. 

2. Faye Valentine – Ok, hmmmm I thought only of 2 actresses. Sorry budget might be high for this one and it maybe the most polarizing character to play. Nanao, since I can see her in action plus acting wise. The body, it’s fine with me.. She fit and still hot. hehe The IT girl today, Yoshioka Riho can be Faye but the problem well, not because she is famous these days, but I don’t know if she can do the action part. If they want budget, I can refer Seino Nana. Well, she just needs to bulk to be sexy and yes, looks to become Faye. The acting and action part, Nana can deliver as well. 

3. Jet Black – Guys, I have no idea who Japanese actor can do this role. It’s hard. hehe I suggest, haha Oizumi Yo perhaps but he needs to bulk a lot. But other than him, its hard to search for an old actor that has a bulk body. Plus the actor should have a bit of comic timing.

4. Edward – Another character that I can’t think who can play. I mean, the character should looks like a boy but a girl thing. Hehe I think they need to get an actress who can really act as a hacker plus childish. Non can be one. She always looks like teenager anyway. hehe

5. Vicious I can refer again Saito Takumi or Iseya Yusuke or how about Odagiri Joe. Asano Tadanobu is not bad! But I think if this character and Spike’s age should be almost the same. 

6. Julia – wow, easy. But first actress comes to my mind, Amami Yuki (even in that age.), Ishida Yuriko (another one. hehe), Hirosue Ryoko, Ayase Haruka, or Takeuchi Yuko will be nice. They should get an actress that has experience working with the actor playing Spike. Plus some gun moves.. 

Well, for the writers and staff.. I hope they just focus more in the action scenes, setting plus screenplay. I hope they put emphasis on how cowboy bebop became so cool. Definitely, agencies or famous actors won’t help this film. They should really put serious effort or else, they’ll be roasted again by fans like what happened in Attack on Titan or even Jojo’s Adventure.


With all the film resources now and techniques, this film can be a reality. Except for Akira. Not yet.

See you space cowboy!


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