Avengers: Infinity War

Ok, I’ll make it this short as possible and less spoilers ok? hahaha Two things were for sure though. First, it’s a bit below Civil War for me in terms of overall quality as a film. Second, yeah just watch it ok? =)

As massive comic book film was this, of course, there were some glaring flaws. First, yeah, there were some parts of the film that I admit, dragged and almost fell asleep. That’s evident with my best friend who slept at the middle of this film. hehe I know it’s long but yes you’ll feel it. Second, I think some casual movie goers especially those who did not follow all MCU flicks might be lost, due to few character developments from some characters. Lastly, yes, I noticed that some characters were either had less talk time or role to do or some were just not there. It maybe a surprise for the next film but we’ll see right? But yeah some characters changed tone as well.

Let’s set aside those flaws and let’s talk about how amazing this film is. The action pieces or scenes were sick. Even I don’t have an idea who were those Thanos henchmen but they were deadly and scary as well. I love how they meshed in one flow the massive action scenes from planet Titan and on Wakanda. I know some viewers did not like or might be confused on those scenes but it was made beautifully and yes, heart pumping. I just didn’t like Star Lord did. hahaha

Thanos is the another gem in this film. Damn, at last not only MCU made the best villain they could have done but also fully developed character that is really shocking powerful. From the first scene until the last scene where he is, he’s just a complete character to watch. Josh Brolin is one damn lucky actor. He played this and if this is great, how about Cable in DP 2?! hahaha Can’t wait to see how he will give justice to Cable. But overall, if they sacrificed character development from other characters for Thanos presence, I’ll take that anyway. Anyday.. I love his action moves and it looks like naturally despite it’s CGI make up. Damn.. I wish he had longer screen time in all MCU flicks. I can say, despite he’s merciless, cruel but yes, you’ll see why he’s like that. Great twist at the end.

The massive cast is just mind blowing. Even with few screentime for each one of them, I did not feel they were left out. Each of them did their part wonderfully and I really like the combinations made due to the circumstances they faced. I love how they interact each other like Thor and Rocket, Dr. Strange and Iron Man with Spiderman and in Earth, remaining hereos like Cap, Black Panther and Hulk plus the lovers Vision and Scarlet Witch. What surprised me, Red Skull!!!!! Damn, I was just sad on what happened to him but I hope they did give him a big role in MCU just like in the comics. But overall I hope they have more movies like this or like their solo movies with surprise cameos from other heroes.

Lastly, direction and screenplay. Yes, I admit, my expectations for this film is I hoped they really copied the comics plot. Like all the heroes not only used the gems but killing or fighting each other while using it then the Celestials coming in and of course, Adam Warlock. But hey, if l’m the director and this is the only resource material I got plus how MCU planned it, I need to do some magic. Oh boy, they really delivered. What I suggest is I hope this was a trilogy. First part, some heroes had a chance to use the gem for their work then at part 2 Thanos will creep in one by one and get the gems. But of course, Avengers will assemble and try to stop Thanos. The last part can be this film, whether they can defeat Thanos or see their demise. I give credit to the directors to pull this off despite those difficult circumstances and this film below the best MCU film which is Civil War is a great feat. Give credit to the writers who made this happen.

I might guess that part 2, Thanos as depicted in the comics really changed heart and want to repent for what he did. He thrown the gaunlet with the stones and the heroes will search or fight for it to return all those lost. I liked the scene that each hero getting killed or swept away. Anyway, yeah, it’s damn short so please, show Captain Marvel now and Part 2! hahahaha

My another guess, Thanos will fight one more time and give the gaunlet to the right person. I was shocked that in the comics, Adam Warlock fight through and got the gaunlet back and be the omnipotent god. Anyway, I trust the Russo Brothers and company and they can call it a day. hehe

I was thinking this film, it’s like Thor 4, Iron Man 4 with Doc Strange 2. A short episode of Spiderman Homecoming, a little bit of Guardians part 3, Cap America part 5, Black Panther part 2. A long film about Hulk. Avengers yeah part 3 and I just Xmen is already here. hehe But anyway, that’s my view of this great ensemble film. Maybe DC could really learn from this ok?! Please… =P


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