I just copied the title from a book written by a celebrity that I really like. =)

Broken hearted. Depressed. Lost Trust. Unlovable. Underappreciated. Lost. Confused.

Those were the feelings I felt as you saw in my previous post.

But like I said in the end, of course, do I look and sound I’m just going to give up? When I grew old, I also felt, even I don’t look like one. I became competitive. It’s a long discussion but that spirit of competitiveness always burns plus the love of our Christ.

Plus of course, extraordinary support from unusual places, people or even events. I’ll reveal that later. Way later.

For a start, if you are reading this, just don’t worry about me. If there is something bad is going to happen to me, or I felt worse again, you’ll know here or SNS. Let’s say I’m recovering and moving on.

Today, even I spent a lot of travelling and the Easter event went overtime, there is something I heard and felt that I know or I’m confident of taking the challenges ahead. Even in this circumstance I have, that dim of hope became something like a light! Ray of Hope is a better metaphoric word.

Even I can’t put some smile on my face, but I’m happy and joyous. The smile might show a bit late. Love for the people around me gives me inspiration. Love for myself gives motivation to push forward and yes, enjoy my life even in this tight situation.

I found the word restart better than reset. Or are they the same?! hehe

I want to thank Jesus for always there for me.. Even I failed many times, or I felt failed many times..

You never fail me.

Even there are questions that I asked but answers seems a bliss.

You gave an answer in the perfect time or way.

For now, let me just feel that grace I’m getting for the past time.

By doing a restart, I’m willing to start again then in the end..

Reach the end line, a success..

As long his there besides me, nothing to hold back.

Keep moving forward and enjoy the journey!

All set..


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