Huawei Mate 10

I was thinking last year, what will be a great gift for me. After all the trouble, blessings, struggles and success.. Well, guys I should choose LG V30 because I got V20 before and I saw the reviews but in the end..

A unique choice I’ve made. I chose the Huawei Mate 10! Not the pro one, which I’ll explain below why. For now, what I can say.. I’m pretty impressed with this phone. Please check other expert reviews or youtube as well if you are skeptical with this one, especially this is my personal choice.

Ok, like I always do, let’s talk about my gripes.. First gripe, the build. Later it’s one of my favorites but the build, I mean, because of the glass build, it’s kinda scary to drop this thing. I’ve dropped like twice and good thing, it was not scratched or broke but that was because it has a case. If this was not a glass build, I won’t worry some breaks or scratch but the glass build kind of worried me. Second one, it has memory card expansion but because it comes from a carrier and good thing its dual sim, so I was able to use both sims. But I can’t use my memory card. I think phone companies should have a basic 128 gb memory due to big photo and video files and yes, the dac music files. Damn I need to cut down my playlist. I don’t like the online streaming music apps.. Geez..

Last gripe. I have no problems with the other features but the software, EMUI is kinda unique but sometimes, damn missing some features. I think I’ll put LG’s skin a bit better in this part. I miss my Always on Display. The clip tray is missing. Customization was kinda half baked. I really like you can change themes and pics you can display but I hope the font of the phone can change and other stuff that LG has. Backing up the phone is great but I hope it’s simpler especially when backing up in the computer.

One more gripe, damn the bluetooth connection is just whacked sometimes. It loses connection especially when I play my sounds thru bluetooth headset. I thought it’s the in ear bluetooth but boy it was not. Its funny, that in bluetooth speakers, kinda flawless pairing. But in the inear thing, sometimes it fails. But not all the time and I bear it but when it happens, its kinda frustrating.

Whew, enough of the gripes. hehe Let’s go with what I love with this phone! Let me say, yes, although LG V30 is the one I really want, I’m pretty happy staying with the Mate 10 for now.

First one, the camera! Oh boy, I think the 2 things I missed with LG V20, the great manual setting (Mate 10 has one but video recording in LG is superior) and the wide angle lens. (Really helpful feature!) Changed that to that great dual camera with F1.6 for each. Damn, the auto photo shots with AI is like night and day with the LG V series, I mean in auto mode. I just realised that when I took some photos and compare it in my V20 shots and some sample in the web from V30. Plus yes, you don’t have to really worry posting it in IG. You don’t even need to change the filter. Plus my favorite part of the camera, nothing beats the Monochrome sensor in this thing. Just simply, great! It’s like those vinyl album covers in black and white.. This set of cameras just got it right.. Damn because of this phone, I got kinda addicted posting in IG!! hahaha Also, I kinda learning the manual controls with this phone.

Second one, yes, the sounds. Ok, I can say that the quad dac in V20 is a bit better than the Mate 10 but damn, the headphone jack is also good. It has a DAC but it uses a bit more volume rocker unlike in the V20 that set the quad dac in middle volume and you got it. Yes, the speaker in the V20 or V30 is quite low.. This one, I was shocked, it’s loud and kinda made my Xiaomi bluetooth speaker expendable. I know there are better speaker feature in other phones, like Google Pixel 2 or Iphone or even HTC U11.. But with the combination of great headphone jack and loud speakers, it’s really one of the best. Its like a tie with LG v30 and Mate 10 when it comes to audio playing. For the Mate 10 pro, at first I don’t like the removal of the jack but when I used the Mate 10, I thought twice and if I have the Mate 10 pro, nevermind the jack but I hope the bluetooth connection always works.

Third one, screen is tight! Of course, no doubt, LG v30 has a clear advantage because of the POLED screen in quad HD set up. But this one, I set up in FHD and when it plays most videos like you tube, because of the HDR compatiblity, wow it shows like QHD quality. I only use QHD setting when it comes to bigger video files. But that HDR capability really works, it helps the phone conserve battery plus watching content is quite nice to it. For the Mate 10 pro, this one, I think I can manage the amoled display and FHD display but HDR compliant. Still LG v30 is one of the top for screen, Mate 10 not far behind.

Fourth one, Battery last more than a day! It almost happens that I really charge almost 2 days after. One and a half day is normal for me, meaning, it’s really long one. Wow, may in LG v30 can at least following behind, but the LG v20, geez I need to change the battery in a day. Good thing it has a spare one. This one, doesn’t need spare plus with it’s very fast charger, I hope all smartphone makers has this high standard when it comes to battery.

Fifth, build is just gorgeous.. Yes, I know earlier it gives me the chills but when I look at it, that worry is gone and yes, I just hope I had the black color. hehe But the brown color gave me an appreciating the brown color. hehe I don’t like brown color but more of black, blue and red.. The grip is very tight, despite it’s 5.9 inch screen with the old aspect ratio of 16:9 but I think when watching movies, that ratio is the king of it. But I might fail in that arguement. hehe One advice, like I said earlier, buy some cases, especially when you are at home.. That’s what I do just to keep those phones in shape.

Last great thing… The value. The Mate 10 pro is like really expensive than Mate 10, almost like $100 just for the Amoled and form factor. I got this phone from Smart with their XMAS promo. Thanks Smart for this!!!! All the flagships just making the price difficult as they are charging now $1000 for a new one! Damn, I thought to myself I won’t give a gift for an Iphone X or Samsung Note 8. I need to eat right?! So this value with performance, is just unbelievably great. One more thing, the performance of this one with the help of their AI chip, I believe its working as I’m using it for months, and still works like I opened it from the box first day. Great job of the AI to monitor and always manage performance checks.. In a way cheaper price. For the LG V30, its just very expensive plus its not even offered in any carrier. That phone had a promo with free TV but nah, I won’t buy that with that price!

Bonus great feature. Actually it has a lot! Nah, not the phone clone that Floss Carter really love but it will be very helpful for those.. Ehem.. hahaha This bonus feature I really love, is the desktop mode. Just buy a type C to HDMI cable and your monitor or TV will be your monitor then the EMUI desktop mode will be automatically on! Wow, I think they paid a lot with Microsoft to use this and oh boy, my monitor is enough to make movies or anything to watch projected bigger. It really works and I think I’m thinking now if I buy a new phone in the future, it should have this feature. It’s a must!!!!!!! I love this, very convenient and cost saving measure.

Overall, yes, I like this phone over the LG v30 because of the reasons above plus the bonus feature.. But I hope huawei will launch a phone that has all the things you need and like in just one phone. Not the pro one and the regular one. Please also, improve your UI ok? It has great features but it also missing some features.

Huawei is getting better every year and I really like what they are doing. Despite the noises they are getting like spying, or knockoff, and other distractions.. I think that’s given especially on how they set up and do things but as long they deliver and we are safe from any attacks.

this is my Mate. =)


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