Crushes: Gakky

Yes, don’t be surprised that the first words you’ll see her is kinda a letdown for her. Actually at the end, that’s the reason why I kinda like her. hahaha

Aragaki Yui is her name. Yes, for short, Gakky. I think she could trademark that nickname.

First of all, the acting. I wish she could do more than making beautiful or cute faces. I admit I got attracted to her with that looks. Especially when I saw a student that almost looks like her. Wow, I know now why she has many fans.. But when it comes to acting, ah its not bad, but I know she can do more than romcom.. Come on, for the past like 2 or 3 Jdoramas, before Code Blue last year, it’s mix with romantic aspect. She made a film that her character was way off than her usual comfort zone, I felt nah.. Her showing of emotions is kinda limited. I hope she’ll improves in this acting part. I haven’t seen Mix and maybe Code blue will show her improved acting.

Second, I think she needs to focus making more films. I felt that she is one of the Japanese actors/actresses that very strong in TV but in films, they either fail or get only supporting roles. I hope she can balance this one and yes, improve acting or get more roles than “a damsel in distress because of love” types. She needs to get away from it. Making more films will help her in this.

Of course, those the only qualms I have for her. There are 2 reasons why I kinda like her.

First factor, the look factor! Wow, even Yoshioka Riho is coming at her at this pace, I still choose Gakky. Not only with that innocent aura around her gives her advantage but that cuteness. It’s like, even the Jdorama is boring or quite bad, but as long she is there, I’ll finish it. Her presence in CM’s is remarkable and really put the product in map because she’s into it. No doubt about that. Just her beautiful, simple presence, whatever looks she puts into her, she’s simply magnetic. Her smile is deadly. hahahaha

Last one, her secret visit in the Philippines. Of all the visits of Japanese actors/actresses (except for Ozawa Maria who chose to live and marry here I guess), this tops it all. Even the secret schooling of Yoshitaka Yuriko in Cebu for English classes erased with this act. I only to found out in youtube that Gakky participated in a 24 hour special in NTV or TV Asahi, I can’t see which channel is this.. Wow, just check it out. She went to Payatas, QC! In the slums, damn if I have known that, I should go there whatever and get a glimpse of her! haha She mingled with the less fortunate, talked and she looks sincere in that visit. She was very mesmerizing despite simple get up at that shoot.

By the way, the thing I really like about her… Not the same year.

We have the same birthday! Starting last year, I greeted here. I think I’ll continue that. =P


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