Half a century mark, wow! hahahahahahahahaha Damn, I haven’t scanned them all. Anyway…

Conor Mcgregor Notorious – Wala lang, nun nakita ko siya sa TV at sa UFC, parang ayos to ha. Let’s check about his documentary.

Izo – Wala nito sa Takashi Miike line up ko, so malamang makita ko nga. hehe

LBJ – Woody Harrelson as a US president? Sign me up. Let’s see..

Marshall – I was curious about the life of the first African American Supreme Justice before he became one.

Suspect X – Ah weird title, pero it’s the follow up sa Gallileo Jdorama. Kahit di ko pa tapos yun, eh siyempre para hindi bitin, panoorin na nga din.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer – Wow, I do agree what the critics like. It’s a tour de force drama with shocking scenes. When I browse thru it, talagang WTF is happening!!!! hahaha Can’t miss this.. I hope I’ll see it soon.

Di pa din ako makapinawala.. Ang bilis ng panahon.. By the way, I did not include ah ehem.. The others.

That’s how big it is.


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