KCON 2017 #Committed

How time flies fast? 6 years ago, the first KCON I’ve joined, well we were sitting on a lawn and just staring at the sky feeling the presence of God. It’s like Woodstock. haha Just kidding.

6 I think was a boon number indeed. I was not able to join this year due to commitments, errands, and some problems. Despite the price hike for next year, I’ll go back to KCON again. Unless.. Ehem, I’m not here. hahaha

I admit that I almost fell asleep as Chris Padgett was speaking not because he’s uninspiring or boring. Its just I woke up around 5:30 am, cooked lunch for my younger brother and ate breakfast and yeah, some planning what to do after this KCON. But yes, Chris Padgett is very good speaker. Very passionate and the last part of his talk was emotional about how he scolded his young son and the reason why he did that and said start over again. I was very touched. Damn it shows I’ve missed a lot. hahahaha

After the worship and tithing, hmmm a talk about commitment done by Bro. Bo. Still the sam aura that he presents each time. Motivating us to be closer to God by being committed. And motivating us to come next year’s KCON. hahaha But the crowd was just massive. Through the years, one thing is for sure, many people are coming to KCON and I won’t be surprised that all classes in those 4 days of talks and lessons will be filled up immensely.

That’s why, yes, I think this year’s Sunday Event was the shortest. They have a good reason behind that, well, they need to do the same thing at the afternoon session. Unlike the previous years that this big final event was only done once and it was more solemn. But it doesn’t mean it decreased the holistic approach and worship, it’s still the same time and time again, its just shorter.

Please don’t be surprised that this post about KCON this year was very short. I’ll make sure the next one will be longer and yes, brighter! Thank Jesus that even for 4 hours, I kinda feel refreshed.. =)

Ah by the way, here’s how massive it is..


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