Before We Vanish

By the way, thanks for Cinema One festival for showing this film here! The other films shown were great and I’m looking forward again next year. Wow, I don’t like ABS CBN that much but this is one of their saving graces to me. hehe

Enough of that, I just thought well I hoped I watched The Third Murder instead of this.. Madness of a film. You can tell in my tone that so I’m dissappointed. Even, Masami-chan was here and did her best to salvage this film but no.. I won’t blame her but it was not enough.

Ok, let’s discuss, whew.. Do I need to do this? The bad parts of the film. When I was watching this film, approaching like the last part, it came to me something.. Kurosawa Kiyoshi also directed a film that I really hate, Pulse! That film was just bad and depressing. The problem was the pace of this new film was almost identical to that film! First similarity, the notion of no reason at all style. In Pulse, sorry for spoiling, there is no sense or no reason why that room is cursed and it wrecked havoc to all mankind. Virus was simply fast and people just killing themselves. In this film, no explaination at all about why the aliens come here or how they really look like or no way to show how they found earth. Despite that big budget they had. Another thing, the pace it has, it’s almost the same. It’s slow, people doing weird things, and yes, a lot of killing. Then they added one scene that until now, I can’t imagine why its here. Geez, that drone fight, just I thought they could removed that.

Finally, because of those first flaws, I thought the screenplay was poorly made. It starts with a normal talk then switching to weird and it have more explaination but in the end, it kept me guessing but no answers. It was not smooth or even interesting. Plus I saw Maeda-san! Good thing she’s into just a short one scene. hehe

Well, I can only think 2 things that at least making this watchable. The big cast it has, which all of them did what was written to them. I like the 3 aliens, especially Matsuda-san who is really good at those weird characters. Special short cameo by Koizumi Kyoko at the end of this film. Ah, special mention the action scenes, which quite frentic and real, that girl alien was crazy strong. Yeah, another downside, why the government or SDF or police just shoot those 2 aliens which in the end, they were killed off easily.

The saving grace, Masami chan! Wow, it’s the first film I saw in a cinema screen. Despite her character’s haggard look, wow, just that radiant look, was enough for me to keep watching this film. When there was other scenes without her, I did not mind. Except for that scene that her husband just went to neighbor’s house without asking. Her acting was great as a distressed wife and making everything to work out. I love that scene before the end. I’ll freeze if I just look at her eye to eye. hahaha I love how she said her final words and the urgency of it. But yes, she and that good cast did not save this film enough.

I’m not saying Kurosawa san is a bad director, I think the film I haven’t watched are the better ones. He’s also like other great directors who has great ones and worse ones. Great example, Miike sensei! He has now a whopping 100 movies directed, but I can say, around 10-20 were great and others are bad, I saw some of his bad films. Anyhow, I hope that Kurosawa sensei will just make up in the next movie and please, just avoid that Pulse movie pace ok?

I think the movie or wowow series with Kaho is better. It entered japan box office despite it’s a re run and the feel is diffirent. I’ll wait for that. Yes, this movie has a spinoff or I don’t know in Wowow so I’ll just check it out.

Damn, I should have checked The Third Murder instead. =( Bitter me..

I vanished after watching this!!!!!


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