Morrissey: Autobiography

Hmmm I think this is the first time that I’m reviewing a book or I think I forgot to review Ian Curtis’ book. Anyway, whew, it took me a long time to finish the book due to its length! 450 pages of non-stop bickering, reminiscing, ranting and enjoying his life all throughout. After reading it, now I understand his side of the story of the most infamous break ups in music, The Smiths.

I don’t want to really put a lot in this post because it will be longer and I might not able to stop writing. I think I just have a few rants as well about the book. First rant, wow, it’s quite very long. 450 pages for an autobiography is kinda a chore. Especially if I’m reading an english accent type of book. Wow, that’s a lot to swallow and guessing. My last rant, yes, as Morrissey is well versed about his story and how it goes, there were a lot of pages that I thought could have removed or replaced. He used a lot of metaphorical expressions plus some dragging moments.

Those were my quips. Thank God, I did not care it took me years to get a hold of this wonderful book. I admit, that he is one my inspirations not in singing, but more on writing. He is never shy on how he felt especially the environment he was living before going into his successful career.

Now, I know the reason why his songs are written that way. The depressing times at Manchester. His exposure to the punk and pop music at the start of the 80’s. His fascination to classical pop music and the british television. His adoration to New York Dolls and how it inspired him to go out and play music, except of course, not the looks. His political views especially to Thatcher and the Queen. His inhibitions of his writings, and even success.

As you see, despite the long expressions and statements, he quite wrote down in detail about his life, and how he was able to write his songs. Where did he get the inspiration plus of course, his musical career journey and his relationships to other people.

Ok, I won’t really say in detail about the latter part, the relationships he had. Some of the facts I thought were debunked. Such as the rumored relationship of him and Marr. After finishing half of the book, it’s definitely not true. I was wrong. Second, he really don’t like success. Until the last page of this book, he still get shocked on why his fans are getting younger despite well, some of them were not even born after the Smiths demise. He feels love not from the exposure he gets like in media, but simply, from the fans he has until now.

There were a lot of surprises I found here that totally changed my view to him and yes, the rest of the Smiths! One great example, that the reason why he is not living so much in the UK, the press just disowning him. Even the radio or TV, the media, just don’t like him at all even he did not do anything to make them mad. They are so attached in the meanings of his songs plus the divine treatment of him from his fans. I mean, seriously, most artists were revered when they are gone.

Morrissey doesn’t need that. He is now revered when he’s still alive! Definitely not forgotten. He’s not perfect though. I mean I can’t believe his sarcasm is far higher than I saw. Narcissism is a part of him. Plus, he’s quite unpredictable.. Geez, you can be friends with him one day and the next day, no way.

If you ask me one thing that changed how I viewed him, it’s his legendary aura. I mean, as he is always revered now, what I’m still shocked in awe was he did get this godly status, despite very poor managed PR, an angry UK media that always treat him like garbage or a controversial celebrity which it shouldn’t be.. Plus the fact he just write songs and do less marketing, he is still very famous. Geez. That’s the fact that I’m still in awe. He is always against all odds.

I’m also found interesting the interactions he did with some people, artists, managers and yes, the Smiths. I was shocked that David Bowie was close to him, of all people right? Some big artists, also liked him, some just ignored him especially those who changed their minds meeting him at the last minute. You’ll be shocked who were those celebrities.

About the Smiths, here’s my view. Before reading the book, I always said to myself, if I can ask God or Jesus to do something miraculous, it’s the reunion of the Smiths. Of course, he already did, by sending Morrissey here in Manila and performed 5 songs right?!

Well, after reading the book, I won’t ask for the same wish to God. After what the other members did, if I’m Morrissey, I’ll definitely, not a single bit of chance, have a reunion gig with them! After the lawsuit and treachery, then they were the ones asking to be together again?! Really?! Bloody never! Unless, if they will be paid big, but Moz should get the lion’s share of the profits.

I can’t believe Joyce’s antics and wow, just unbelievable. I thought at first when I heard the case, he’s logical and have the right. But no, after I read this book, this shouldn’t be elevated as a lawsuit and should have settled properly.. But no, Mike got a million quid! Siphoned Moz and Marr and he became rich at that time. Wow, unbelievable.. Oh, I almost forgot, the judge who handled this case, I thought my country has more inept judges than in the UK.

I’ll just keep my comments at that way to avoid making me say something terrible. Anyway, it’s a worth buying me from the US plus reading it despite the long stretches.

I want to thank Penguin for releasing this magnificent book. It doesn’t decrease your reputation as more of a classic book publisher.

Moz, nothing changed as my inspiration and the sarcasm you preached. =) Living legend indeed. Damn I hope I did see you when you came here! I’ll just cover my ears after you sang the Smiths songs.

Some fun dialogue from the book. Correct me if I’m wrong.. Not the exact dialogue coz I’m tired to put it the exact words.

Judge: You, your choice of words are very well said..
Moz: Well, I’m in court..

Bowie: I had a lot more of sex and drugs in this life and I can’t believe I’m still alive!
Moz: I had less sex and drugs in this life and I still can’t believe I’m still alive!


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