Magic the Gathering: Missing playing

Damn, I miss my 3 decks. My Dredge deck, the burn deck and my black weenie deck that rely on first turn Dark Ritual trick. I just want to share my opinions about this, as years goes by, I think it’s a dying hobby. No more major tourney happening near in my area, what’s worse, some small shops have closed.

On top of that, you add that the supply of the cards are kinda difficult to find. I did see one tourney like last weeks ago, but its for standard format. Damn, I miss those days that I’ll play magic cards from lunch to night. 5 rounds of mayhem. haha

I felt that 2 major factors affected this decreasing trend of playing this incredible card game. There are some factors that I might miss writing here but I feel sad that this game is facing some decreasing popularity, if not in the US or Europe, definitely, I can feel it here in my country.

First factor is the rise of Esports gaming! In Esports, definitely Philippines is on the map when it comes to players and teams. In Magic the Gathering, we’ve been in the top 8 in team worlds only once! I think we ended up 5th. Yes, this game is not only difficult to play but very highly competitive! Getting into top 16 in a legacy tournament is hard if there are 100+ players. If we are talking about national finals or worlds, that’s another story. I means that Esports is for me, easier to play, invest and yes, to succeed. Easier to play because there are a lot of games that players can choose to have fun and compete. I thought it’s only DOTA 2, but now it also includes CS:G0 and even fighting games, so its the way to go for casual gamers. Investing is easier in Esports, I mean, just buy a budget gaming PC and monitor and you are good to go. Unlike Magic, you need to choose which format, then, look for the cards, then look for the shops or shady sellers, then play. Long and hideous process. =( Succeed, is way easier here, I mean look at the news, we can send teams to overseas and earn big even they just place like 16th or bottom placer. In Magic, you can’t do that easily. We cannot just send a representative or team unless it has large points accumulated in DCI plus nobody wants to sponsor a magic team even ehem, the only magic dealer in the country.

Second factor is the promotion of the game is almost zero to none. I mean, unlike before, major tournament games happen in Megatrade hall or big magic stores, but now, they are not happening. It became a niche game now and yes, since nobody know this or even kids or college students, gamers did not grow. The older players like me also cannot sustain this if tourneys come and go plus economic condition. So, the promotion or marketing of this game is just abyssmal and if I come back, I won’t be surprised if I have a hard time to find tourneys or players to play with me. Or even friends that before have magic cards, but don’t play anymore. That’s quite a bleak future.

Despite those factors, I still want my decks back! haha Definitely, Magic the gathering is still the best card game in the world. The one thing I think that Esports gaming doesn’t have against magic is unpredictability. Sure, you can plan ahead with your team but sometimes it ends what will happen. In Magic, you can’t predict which decks will win. Especially it has 3 to 5 games in a match, you can always make up for the loss and go back and win the match. The suspense of what is the opponent is doing, plus what you will draw in your deck and what moves you will do. It’s also like chess, you’ll need to think steps ahead because you can see what your opponent will do or at least guess. I think I love the individual wins in Magic than team wins in Esports. Well you are in a team in Magic if you join as a team, but as an individual, it just a great feeling when you defeat the opponent fair and square or sometimes, against tall odds. I also like the type of thinking you need to do in Magic, instant critical thinking. I mean in Esports that’s is needed but not in a fast pace, in Magic, specially the stacking phase, you need to decide and take risk right away. I experienced that and adrenaline is faster in Magic because of the surprise element. It’s like poker as well. You win big, you lose big in one wrong decision.

I just hope that tourneys will return big, like before tourneys are done in restaurants! Now, its not even happening. I hope the presence of it if not the same as esports but just available around here. I miss building decks, defeating the opponent in a peaceful way, hahaha and yes, meet new people and network. Ah na miss ko na din gamitin yun mga dice ko. hahaha

Draw seven, my turn!

done! =)


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