classics: Blade Runner 2049

I can’t believe that this film just earned $30 million at the first week. I don’t what know movie goers this generation wants. Isn’t a simpler story and few character developments type of film. How about a very short film with all the action and effects but less substance..

Well, I can’t persuade more movie goers to see this magnificent. I think the Blade Runner cannon has a curse. Yes, the first Blade Runner has it’s box office problems but it just became a film cult classic as it aged. I just hope it can increase its returns in the following weeks. Yes, I hope, here will reach the first week.

After more than 2 and a half hours watching this film in IMAX, damn, I want to watch it again in IMAX if I have money or I’m ok with the regular theater. That’s how fantastic this film is. Sorry for the little spoilers but yes, I won’t spoil the ending and yes, its rare for a film that you have a choice to watch this new film and you can disregard the first one. Its like Mad Max that they rebooted 2 years ago but you have choice to watch the Mel Gibson one. Ah, this film is the Mad Max:Fury road type thing indeed.

However, definitely not a reboot and yes, most of the aspects, it outshines the predecessor. Of course, it has minor flaws but its a classic so very forgivable.

First minor flaw, yes, it has more questions to answer! If the first one, has like hmmm I have 3 questions, this one, I have a lot of questions to ask the staff about this film, maybe around 10 questions. Plot holes, and the replicants we are talking about here. Plus, of course, how this film went until the end. I’ll just leave it as it is. Second minor flaw, I think the run time, although I did not feel it especially the very last part of the film. Yes, I agreed that this film could made it like 10 or 20 mins less running time. But yeah, hell with the short running time. =P

Last minor flaw, a bit more action scenes. Or long action scenes. I can’t emphasize very much the action scenes here are indeed well done and brings a kind of shock.. But I just hope it has more or longer action time. Its a bit of waste, seeing Ryan, Sylvia and even Harrison Ford looked prepared in the action scenes. Even Batista right?

Enough of the BS, can we go to the great stuff now?

I think I’ll just give 3 great reasons why you should watch this film. Unlike before that I tend to go beyond 3 great reasons in reviewing a film. I’ll give definite reasons for you just to check out this film.

Reason number one. Denis Villeneuve. Wow, he and Christopher Nolan are the forerunners for the best directors in this generation. Of course, we can’t forget others like Edgar Wright, Matthew Vaughn, J.J Abrams and others, but these great directors knows how to make a great film with this big scope. Denis, I first heard him in the film Prisoners, and oh boy, after that, I waited for more films from him. Even I just don’t like the pace of Enemy, I still liked it. Arrival is just hypnotic despite it’s simple plot but I think he added something to make it special. When I saw Arrival and reported he finished Blade Runner 2049, I knew it will be special. My high expectations was even exceeded after watching Blade Runner. That’s how great he is now and I hope this low box office numbers won’t hurt his reputation. I believe, he’ll do great in his next film, Dune! He demands fitting and great performance not only from his actors, but also from screenplay, editing, effects, design and all people to just follow him and deliver. Result? Great films. Simple as that.

Reason number two. Pristine aesthetics. Inside and outside. I think when they watched the first Blade runner, they know the setting, costumes or even the atmosphere should be some what realistic. It should be like more practical effects than CGI or 3D. Great decision and look what they’ve done. Damn I can’t even pin point my favorite scene with setting in this film. Every scene is just amazing and great looking set pieces. I was surprised that the LAPD headquarters know is more decent than the first one. Even Wallace’s room, wow, I think I want that room if I’m rich. We haven’t talked about the effects. I can’t imagine that blaster will be a big deal in this film than the first one. The burst sound fromt he blaster is really a blaster right? It explodes! Plus, wow, one action scene that I really love was that scene in the junkyard, good thing trailers did not show all. It has a lot to it! It’s funny though how that happened but damn, that’s the future warfare. Very scary yet effective. Yes, I want that rugged flying car with a drone now wow. I think that’s only for the police. The city looks real bleak and the last setting, damn, they said it was Las Vegas, so I hope they can do it like a prequel how magnificent was Las Vegas before. The technology is so spot on, except for one. The Voight – Kampff machine at this film is a bit of a let down, it’s because it just measures the level of the replicant being following orders or not. I like that part which asking random and silly questions to check if you are a replicant or human. I like the machine better at the first film. Fight scenes were tight, despite its quite few but very memorable. The last fight scene, I don’t know how they prepared for it and massive setting for it, it’s quite unsettling but like I said, a big shock. I don’t know how they survived that scene. Oh before that scene, the scene where they were found, I mean from the scene K walking in the hotel to look for Deckard up to the part other mercenaries looking for them, it’s just magnificent. From the setting, sound explosion and some cool stuff. Ryan Gosling can be Cap America if he wants to. hehe Ah I almost forgot, I still give points for Vangelis for the soundtrack but cannot deny the OST in this one, very memorable. Sound effects, just perfect in every minute. I almost forgot, the scenes with Joi, I can’t believe I’m looking at a hologram. There were angles that I can’t believe it’s a hologram. Changing clothes plus the different emotions. Near perfection.

Reason number three. Risks well taken. Except for the long running time, the script wrote here was very well executed. I’m glad, they did not do rehash or doing the same thing like other sequels do. It’s like Terminator 2, after watching the first one then the second one, you felt, that’s pretty great, I was surprised it’s a sequel. The actors they put in, even Harrison Ford was worth the risk because they all delivered. The twist they put was very satisfying. Trailers did its job very well, like the Joi character. Wow, I think that technology of Joi, very scary yet interesting as well. But what I liked was the emotion shown by Joi and of course, K. Ryan Gosling, damn this dude, I think is getting bad rap in terms of box office. The Nice Guys, even did not earn very well, Ryan did very well there. I think K’s role for Ryan, I put it third after his role in Blue Valentine. First of course, its La La La Land. This dude can do anything! Sylvia Hoeks as Luv performance gave Rutger Hauer’s Batty run for his money! But sorry, Batty is still better than Luv because of that extra dialogue. Damn this film was also made for fans as Gaff, Edward James Olmos returned, and well in this film! I was smiling at that part. And yes, even Sean Young, sorry guys for the spoilers, yes, returned, for a short time. It is, still one of the beautiful characters on film. Good thing it was short though. hehe The screenplay for this film, I can say its a bit behind from the first one just because it’s a bit more complicated. Yes, they made a screenplay that ends with a premise it will end at the next film. I don’t know if that will happen, but I want to see it end and it’s better to you know, answer some important questions. I won’t mind or expect they will answer all questions.

In the end, in my list of classic films, few are sequels or reboots. Definitely, this one will resonate to me, not because of the theme of the film, but how film should be made and enjoyed. Sitting and watch in awe. Feel the sound of walking in a snow or perhaps the sound of the dreaded future.

Damn, I feel relieved, and worth the f*cking wait!

My guess though, yeah Deckard is a human. No doubt unless.. Ehem.

Somebody explained why otherwise.


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