Nippon Benkyo: おんがく

One post is not enough to really describe Japanese Music or others call Jpop. As other people went bananas with Kpop or well, new pop artists.. I restrained hearing other sounds of today. Except for Jpop and want it can offer. You can see some pictures in this post as I show some of the Japanese artists I love. One thing is for sure, I’m not into Idol music. hehe But if has great looking idols, why not like those. haha

There were three sources that drawn me into listening to this music. I can say that besides UK and OPM artists, Japanese artists are also became my music preference as well these days.

First source! Ah yes, anime. Surprisingly, as anime becoming unpleasant to me these days, but it has some great soundtracks. Not only that, it introduces some jpop artists releasing some singles and some of them are good. I still prefer the old school anisons.. Like for example, Macross DYRL and Bubble gum crisis OST. But for these days, it has some great OST like recently, Kimi no na wa by Radwimps. Sometimes, I watch some opening themes of an anime and get that song and forget the anime. hahaha

Second one. Jdramas! Wow, I admit as I got addicted to Jdramas, surprisingly, some opening themes or even closing songs were great! Even some songs which I think don’t fit in the Jdrama, it’s still a great song. Like anime, artists releases their single in this medium and it’s a great way to promote it. Great example, Superfly! After listening to her single in Doctor X season 1, I instantly got hooked to her and I really love her powerful and soulful voice! Surprisingly, she has other songs in Jdramas and eiga. Oh, I forgot, some asadoras have great soundtrack like Hikaru Utada from toto neechan and Shingo Reena in Carnation. Two best songs for an Asadora. Anyway, even Johnny’s bands promoting their songs in jdramas so a lot fans watching these dramas and ehem.. Raise their ratings. hahaha Anyway, even the night dramas have some great songs. Like for example, Prom Night which came from the controversial lesbian Jdrama Transit Girls. Some jdramas have catchy songs. I like those. haha So, yeah, a great source of getting music.

Lastly, Eiga!!! Wow, I can’t believe I’m listening to Hisaishi Joe’s songs used in films. How about one of the best OST, All about Lily Chou Chou? You gotta get that OST. Even some Enka songs from Kaji Meiko due to her films. As Ichi the Killer is a notoriously great splatter film, it has one of the frantic OST I’ve heard. I love Sakanaction because of Bakuman! Wow, their OST is just perfect then I ended up listening to their discography. Swing Girls OST and of course, some Miyazaki’s films. I can’t believe I drawn to the music while watching a film. Eiga is like the British films, they know what music to put and use. hahaha I was also thinking Detroit Metal City. hehe There more OST that I suggest checking it out in Japanese movies.

Another source, actors/actresses themselves. I can’t believe that Matsushita Nao is a great pianist and Shibasaki Kou is a rock star. Matsu Takako, is a great singer as she is a great actress now. Wow, some actors or actresses can perform in music. Great example, SMAP! I did not know that they are a boy band! I just follow each of them in Jdramas, Eiga or some variety shows and I was shocked they are in a boy band. A lot of Johnny’s men, I was shocked that they are in a boy band. LIke Nagase Tomoya. I always see that dude in Jdramas, but he’s with TOKIO, really? So, those are just a few examples how these actors perform not only in one medium but also the another. We haven’t talked about the Takarazuka actresses. Oh I love those women. haha

If you see, I’m not really like a devoted fan of one artist to another. Except for my preferences, this music helps me in 2 things. One is to just mimic or get an idea how nihongo works. Another one, I love how they do music. I thought they are just good. Oh my God, they are really talented and great. There are some artist that despite not that big in Japan, they perform well. What’s surprising, they can play like all genres. Yes, even hip hop, like in Tokyo Tribe OST. hehe I mean, music is a part in their culture. I often find that Sutra done by shinto priests, at first quite scary but when I got used to it, it’s a meditation. Interesting music.

So, with all those types pluse the electrifying artists they have, Japanese music for me, simply one of the best and yes, it has my own playlist. hahahaha I’m still discovering which artist to listen to and I can having fun with it. I devoted some time more in searching what is this song or who sang it than searching western music these days unless I saw or heard in a movie.




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