flashbacks: Chinese Essay Contest

May nagdoor bell at akala ko yun order ko sa Lazada eh. hehe Hindi pala, bigla sinabi sa kin, galing sa China embassy. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, anak ng tinapa, ano ginawa ko? hahahaha

Edi si pirma naman ako. Siyempre, binuksan ko na agad yun package at surprise! An original Xiaomi powerbank 5000mah. Nung nakita ko yun letter at makikita mo naman sa picture, it’s about the contest I joined months ago!

Few months ago, habang naghihintay ako ng turn ko magpagupit sa barberya, eh nagbabasa ako ng dyaryo.


PDI for sure, kasi si Manong yun lang ata ang binibili nya. Habang tumitingin ako ng balita o chismis, may maliit na ad about this contest. Parang in line sa Phil-Chinese week ata, may pacontest sila at tungkol sa Chinese Movie film. Simple lang naman ang tanong, what’s your favorite Chinese Film? Tapos parang iemail lang at hanggang 1000 words. Ang price ata free dining in a great Chinese restaurant.

Honestly, I don’t really like Chinese food these days not I hate it but because my love for Washoku. hehe But I still jot down yun email address san papadala at yun na, nagiisip na ko kung ano isusulat ko. Sumali ako for 2 reasons. First, I like writing and I want to join these contests para makita kung hanggang saan ang aking writing skills. haha Second, yeah, the topic is easy, Chinese Films. I’ve been watching Chinese films for a long time, pero in the recent years, iba na trip ko pero


di ko pa din nalilimot yun Chinese classic films like Kung fu films, Triad flicks and even some Chinese dramatic films. Mabuti nga nagimprove na sila these days kahit may ilan ilan na films nila, ehem, not good.

Don’t worry, at the next post, ilalagay ko yun sinulat ko for this entry. You be the judge. haha

The only hard part sa pagsulat eh anong film yun pipiliin ko. I almost chose the Last Emperor saka yun Once upon a China part 2. Yes, that epic Jet Li action flick that has still the best kung fu action scenes shot ever.. I almost put Stephen Chow films. haha LIke God of Cookery or Kung fu Hassle. Naisip ko din Hard Boiled. Eto, A touch of Sin! Very recent, graphic pero medyo anti China kaya di ko nilagay. hahaha

Naisip ko, may isang Chinese film na lagi ko nasa top. Ah naisip ko din yun Drunken Master 2. haha Ah etong film na to eh Hero. No kidding, now I can say that’s my favorite Chinese film. The only flaw of that film, wala masyadong sapakan. The fight scenes were done by mostly swords. Everything


there is so colorful and I had an emotional ride in that film. Yes, a classic film, one of the best films I watched. Napili ko yun kasi of 3 factors. First, it’s a historical film of China (although di ko alam kung talagang accurate.. hehe), it shows ano sila before the Great Wall. Second, the setting, direction and everything on it, looks and feels Chinese. Wow, kahit yun dessert eh maganda pala sa China. hehe Lastly, the story kahit ang daming nangyayari, it just went through straight to the core of the story and the twists, ang galing! That’s a rare in Chinese films, especially kung fu flicks. Besides, its one of the best of Jet Li. Nameless is an anti-hero or Hero, we don’t know. I just know one thing, he did the right thing for China.

Thanks to IMDB and my memory on how I watched this film before, I had something to write. After some minutes, it’s done, sent to the email and waited for nothing. Meaning, I didn’t expect to go farther


, what’s more with a consolation prize. hahaha

Long and behold, sakto talaga, kasi etong V20 ko medyo malakas ako gumamit kaya sakto ang powerbank. haha I read that letter and really, even sounds canned or simple.. I expected nothing and getting this confirmation, it really touched me. I can say mukhang nakalayo pala yun entry ko. Yes, I don’t need the free dining unless un lang ang choice, but for having the item that I need. Wow, Thank God for my courage! haha And, yes, tempering expectations.

Thanks to Embassy of China for this contest and that small prize. I always interested in China, despite what they are doing to us or what. Going in China? Hmmmmm not really a priority or even a chance. But because of this, I might give it a try. As long para sa travel lang, not working. hehe Eat, shop for great smartphones there at yun lang. Kung may pera at time. hahaha

Yes, I’ll definitely look out for this kind of contests.. Malay mo, baka di lang powerbank makuha ko! haha




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