Best night Jdramas

After watching the late night Jdrama Dead Stock, I really like watching Jdramas at night for 2 reasons. First, unlike the usual primetime Jdramas or normal day Jdramas, themes are quite conservative. Topics here are quite liberal and well, unique. Its like, topics are the usual and if lucky, they just cycling the themes of the dramas. Like for example, medical dramas then police dramas or family dramas or sometimes, legal dramas. Love stories, kinda rarity these days or seasons. At night dramas, everything goes!

Another reason, yeah, some stars usually show up here. The stars known in eiga, or japanese movies, sometimes they show up here except for the big stars. So its a great thing that they not only show up in these times but also given lead star status in a jdrama.

Anyway, I haven’t watch all the night jdramas. So I just consider 11pm until wee hours the slot for these jdramas. Yes, in Japan they are separated.
Night Jdramas and Late night Jdramas. I’ll just combine and choose jdramas from these times. If you have other late night or night jdramas to consider, feel free to comment about it!

Oh yes, I’ll do this in reverse. haha

5. Sono “Okodawari”, Watashi ni mo Kure yo!! – I was thinking to put Ni-kun here but I changed my mind. This jdrama/mock docu has that fun vibe plus the drama between Mayu-san and Sairi-san. Like the episode which the producer or director said to Mayu she’s doing a bad job in hosting (even she’s looks really doing well) and Sairi-san was given credit making the show interesting (even she done stupid things in the show!) But overall, it was a fun and light hearted jdrama and interesting as well.

4. Yamikin Ushijima-kun! – Japan’s best ficitional loan shark! Yes, the story is simple, Ushijima-kun runs a “finance” company but it engages in loan shark business which is a quite no-no in japanese laws. He has different clients and when they don’t pay, the action and drama entailing how he efficient collect payments make this jdrama fantastic! It has 3 seasons plus 4 movies, which I haven’t saw the whole of it. Even season 3 was the let down because it only has one case to tackle on but its still a wonderful series. My favorite is season 2! I do suggest watch the films because it has more shock value and stars that can’t be put on TV. Damn I still can’t believe that is Yamada-san playing Ushijima-kun.

3. Somato Kabushiki Gaisha – this jdrama is kinda special. Of course, its not only Kashii Yu lead the jdrama but also, it left some interesting questions. You can check my review here at I really like the mystery plus the suspense in the other episodes like the one who he forgot himself and discovered he did hedious things while watching his life. How about the episode that a playboy discovered something shocking about his fiance! On top of that, yes, the lead and her company has also questions that need some answers. Anyway, I like the feel of the story, the pacing in every episode except the last episode plus how Kashii Yu acted in this one. Straight face scary lady! The only let down, no sequel and yes, the ending song.

2. Shinya Shokudo – I think I haven’t made a review for this jdrama. I think this was the first night Jdrama I watched. I didn’t even know at first that this was a jdrama! Except for season 3, all the seasons even in the Netflix produced season was exceptional! I suggest you watch season 2. Its the best season and it has the fun, and yes, very dramatic episodes. Yes, don’t forget the food showing here! Very delicious and you’ll know more about Japanese cuisine better. I haven’t told the stars and the big cast showing in this series. How effective each episode shows, even it has only like 24 minutes per episode. What’s more that the master (very mysterious cook) doesn’t even do a lot in the story. He just cook and advise very little. Sometimes, he doesn’t even advise something to the customer. I like how this drama focusing in the customers than the master itself. Its very famous that it has already adapted by Korean (its just fine, but it has better restaurant setting) and Taiwanese (wow, I can’t believe it has more action packed and the master looks very young). Its one of my favorite dramas about food.

1. River’s Edge Ookawabata Tanteisha – What the hell One Hitoshi-san doing for Hello Harinezumi if he can do a sequel to my favorite night Jdrama! haha I think this night jdrama has low ratings or decided not to do any SP, sequel or even movie. I saw a movie River’s edge but alas, this is not the one. Damn! How good is this jdrama? First it has weird detective setting. It has only like 3 characters, the Manager, the Detective Muraki and the slutty receptionist Megumi. What I loved in this jdrama first the OST of EGO-WRAPPIN. Damn, they are a great band. I thought they can do only Jazz but rapping and R and B, they are damn good! Because of that, I think I’m following the band. haha Second, I watched a lot of Joe Odagiri’s work like in TV, Eiga and jdramas, this is the perfect role for him. I guess he did not even memorize the lines, or gave effort to improve the role because that’s him. The looks of Muraki, demeanor and motives, its perfect for him!!! Its I think my favorite role I saw from him. The supporting casts and guests were great! Except that episode involving two rival Yakuza gangs. I don’t like that episode. But everyone did their parts very well! I forgot the most important thing, the story for each episode was really great. Some were really dramatic like a prostitute wants her fiance checked because of his weird request of getting married even she just done cleaning the house, cooking and shopping for ehem, grocery. Some episodes were fun and shocking, like the first episode and the episode about the missing idol! That has a great twist. Some episodes were creepy like an otaku wants to meet the voice over announcer of a theme park. A wife looking for a hotel who has a viewing room!

It’s getting longer but I love this jdrama plus yes, that ukiyo e wall, I want that in my room! Very cool and dreadly. haha

It’s hard to choose the night Jdramas I liked but they are still honorable mentions such as; Nii-kun in the Convenient store (wrong title but look for it!); Otoko Meshi; Aoihonoo; LIMIT; Minna! ESPer Dayo! Moteki;
Jyouou season 1; Okashi no Ie; Hana Zubo Meshi; Majisuka Gakuen season 1; Samurai sensei; Yuusha Yoshihiko series; No con kid and yes, TV tokyo do a lot of good night jdramas. There are a lot more but I forgot the titles. But for the worse, I did watch some of them, I just forgot the titles. haha

If I’m in Japan and they really show at night in TV, I’ll definitely wait for these kind of shows.


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