Eye of the Beholder

Its the first time in a while I’ve been in this place. I was kinda hesitant not because I don’t want to go but its just the bad weather. I’m seeing a lot of frogs plus muddy surface. But thank God, we got here safe.

While looking at the tombstone and praying, I suddenly remembered when was the last time I saw his face, alive. What was the last time we talked? I still remembered though what message I’ve sent to him in his birthday.. He replied thanks. Its a bittersweet feeling that today, I hope his here to really see what could have we’ve done. Its bitter that he’s gone, too soon. A sour note perhaps..

My sister in law was talking to him and my niece has that smile looking at the stone, as for me, I quipped that I hope he asked to stop the strong rain today. But well, it did calm down a bit. It was still drizzling though. There was a finished ceremony in the farther block and it seems, really no other people in this cemetery. Yes, in this rainy crazy weather. I looked up at the sky and wondering what is he doing there with my nephew? Or even my other relatives or friends who are now I guess happy up there.

Tiredness creeping in. Besides, I just finished laundry this rainy weather. Yes, I have to, or else, a lot of crappy clothes are waiting next week. I don’t want to let that happen!

Sis told me, let’s stay for a while and let’s go. Yeah, we did not stay for long.. However, good thing, we enjoyed some time eating in the nearby mall plus window shopping some shoes. Not bad, it’s for sale! I don’t need a lot of shoes though… As we thought the rain will go weak and stop, when we rode home, it got worse!!! It even dripped my mouse pad, literally! Geez, I thought the holes were covered in my room now.

Today was really a busy day despite the heavy rain.. But I’m still thankful to God for 2 things. First I was able to finish all the things I need to do. Second, I was able to enjoy his birthday even he’s not here anymore.

I should add another one. I enjoyed typing this today, =)



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