All these pictures have one thing in common. No, its not that they are all okonomiyaki. Not even all these have the same flavors… I actually forgot what were the flavors of these okonomiyaki. But all of them, I ate it in just one restaurant, same branch.

There were 2 like mediums I was drawn eating Okonomiyaki. First was in Ranma 1/2, it’s because of Ukiyo, the childhood friend of Ranma who uses okonomiyaki tools except for the teppan of course. She has an okonomiyaki shop and they always say its delicious. At that time I watched this crazy anime series, I did not know about that, but when I ate one, now I know. hahaha

Of course, the other show I saw about okonomiyaki was the asadora Teppan. Check this link;; I can’t believe that it came true, I don’t need to go at Hiroshima or Osaka to eat okonomiyaki, but eat here, almost near in my house!!! かみさま、どもありがとうござました!hehe At first, I don’t believe it but when I saw the website and SNS, and sat there for the first time, I loved it! I almost forgot, I think the main reason I was enamored about this dish was simply not because of Miori, but everytime I saw that dish in that asadora, I forgot the asadora and focus in this dish. Honestly..

Surprisingly, the first time I visited there, it was not pleasant. The reason was well, the okonomiyaki I ordered. The modern yaki! Its the okonomiyaki with yakisoba noodles. It’s just heavy and I can’t really taste or appreciate the oknomiyaki like I do now. However, I told to myself, why stopped there, there were a lot of flavors anyway.

A year later, I visited this shop for more than 10 I guess. There were times I really stayed long and tasted the other food items in the menu.. There were also times, I ate fast because I need to go there or I need to go home early because you know, the pathetic traffic!!!

Let’s go with the things they could improve. Actually there are 2 things they could improve or let’s say, I always let it pass. First, the other food items in the menu, were not good. Great example, their katsudon. Well, its expensive and the taste is not good. I think, Yabu or other tonkatsu restaurants are

better. Or how about the karate kid, its cheap, but its good for the price. I let it pass because in Japanese restaurants, if the restaurant focuses more in one food, expect they are great in one food, some just good and others not good. Although the yakitori and the pork, chicken and beef cutlets to fry, I like it! I did sometimes, ordered those than the usual okonomiyaki for lunch, its a great teeshoku. Great lunch indeed plus their house blend ice tea!!! Yes, just avoid ramen or tonkatsu or I think soba as well, its pretty expensive.

Last thing, it’s a small thing, I think other customers won’t notice as most of them not fans of Jpop.. As for me, this quite bothered me. As I listen now in some Jpop or japanese alternative music, I quite expected that this restaurant will play current jpop songs.. But everytime I go there, the music they play.. I was surprised, they were playing 80’s music or well, ehem enka music! With their old setting there and the toys they display (which kids always touch them and want to buy them, but they cannot, I always laugh at those kids), it kinda feel nostalgic when I hear those sounds. But I don’t want those sounds! I want current once. First I thought maybe it’s JASRAC restrictions (ah the FILSCAP of Japan, very tough and strict one), but when I ate to other authentic Japanese restaurants, they were playing decent and recent Jpop songs! So maybe the management did not research or rushed the music choice for this restaurant here. Everytime I hear those old songs, it goes back to those times like I watch those 80’s japanese movies, or how about 60’s noir japanese flicks with those enka soundtrack. For somebody knows about Japanese culture and pop, it changes my mood while cooking the okonomiyaki. It is. hehe I hope they change their playlist into something recent or lively or fun, yeah, AKB will be fine. Please not PPAP. hahaha

The great stuff!!!! やったー! The ambiance here is so Japanese. Like I said, the old japanese toys, the sitting, even the tatami floor type, and of course, the Teppan, the set up.. Its really like in Japan. Even the small water glasses. haha Second, oh yes, we haven’t talked about the service. Very friendly and never gets tired, I was so shy to have them cook my order so in the passage of time, I was able to do it by myself except for the difficult okonomiyaki flavors. They are very patient explaining the menu and yes, they do recommend good items in the menu! They are greeting too, like in Japan of course.

Last one, of course, okonomiyaki at its best and finest! Even its twice the price from Japan. its all worth it! The fresh vegetable, meat, seafood and other ingredients mixing together. Wow! Then, I’ll fry it for the next 15 minutes with jest.. After that waiting, I’ll put katsuobushi, aonori, the okonomiyaki sauce, then the kewpie mayo! I was surprised as well that hamburg steak can be an okonomiyaki! Even I tasted a lot of flavors but I haven’t reached half of it. I want to try, like the kimchi type or the pure cheese okonomiyaki! I advise those who will order, add butter, cheese and mochi! Mochi adds volume and the yummyness. haha

Its really an experience that I always cherish every time I go there. I think the goal that they want to express, is achieved. The okonomiyaki communication? I think its doing well. How they set up each branch, plus the cozy atmosphere and weird music playlist and of course, okonomiyaki! Its always worth the wait! I almost forgot, they have yakisoba which I suggest if you are really hungry and want yakisoba at its finest.

Yakisoba though is quite heavy. I tried yakisoba plus okonomiyaki in one sitting. I did not eat at the next day. That’s how heavy it is. hehe

Anyway, I can say, I don’t really need to go to Osaka or Hiroshima for great okonomiyaki experience. It’s here anyway. Of course, in the future, I want to go to Osaka and eat okonomiyaki at its best then that’s it. I can say I enjoyed Japan. hahaha


Bonus note, damn, I enjoyed that chu high. Now I know what it’s called chu high! hahaha thanks to their free trial, I know why the Japanase kinda pass out in these kind of drinks. haha this is the drink that I can say, only 2 mugs needed to make you drunk.



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