Enough of thinking monickers for phones. hehe Oh yes, this is my answer from my previous post. Check link: http://wp.me/p3WC3w-Zm

I’ve been using this fantastic phone for couple of months now. All I can say, wow. I made the right choice!

Before that, yes, I can’t imagine in that V30, it will have a better DAC than the V20. That’s pretty absurd. My used high end in ears can’t even handle this great DAC, then I’m planning (if I have the funds) to get great in ears headphones to just hear how smooth it is.. I hope they just stuck in this DAC for a while. For now, yeah, no need to upgrade this DAC. Seriously.

Of course, no phone is perfect. My phone was LG G3, and that phone was the first in having great ergonomics. 5.5 inch phone in one hand? Wow. I really love it. This one is 5.7 inch plus the small ticker, around 6 inches for this phone. Its hard in one hand sometimes, and the keyboard was sometimes, sensitive. I want to push this but I pressed the wrong character. I’ll fix that keyboard size perhaps. But overall, ergonomics was a bit hard but anyway, not a deal breaker.

Very sensitive screen! I mean, sometimes I accidentally opened the phone and when I raised it up from my pocket, it ran some apps! haha Fingerprint scanner is great but yeah, it’s sensitive as well. G3 had also this highly sensitive screen, and this one, no exceptions. Also not a deal breaker, I can live with it after avoiding ways to handle it.

Yes, I did not notice it but when I changed themes (which I always like to do), I saw some image retention. I mean you can see a bit the last screen or the other app screen a bit. But like I said, well, this shows in other themes, and not really noticeable all the time. Let it pass.

Lastly, not a major issue, only a minor gripe.. I like the Qslide because it helps doing multitasking like the calculator plus texting combo. Wow, I like that. Due to the Nougat software, Qslide changed and I cannot do the calculator and messaging combo unless I put it in a split screen mode. Its quite a bother. But well, I was able to get used to it so I’m fine with it. I still prefer though the previous set up!

Now, the reasons why and I predicted I chose this over Mate 9.

First, battery! If the one I got has no spare battery, I’ll give this to Mate 9, but because I have a spare, then yeah.. I’ll give this to the v20! Plus with my experience with the LG G3, which really a battery drainer. I mean I charged that phone twice in heavy use. In standby to moderate use, you’ll need to charge it after lunch or half day. Unless you put it in batt saver mode. But overall, the battery in V20 is enough for me in a day, even sometimes for heavy use. You can even add more mileage if you turn on the batt saver. Although I’ll miss this in V30, definitely I like the battery performance in this phone.

Second, camera! G3 shots has great ones in still, sometimes in video as well due to OIS. This one, I think, I’ll study photography more. It has a lot of controls, including manual mode for both still and video. The wide angle shot is a major help! Even I like the quality more in Mate 9, great thing there is a film mode in this phone as well. I mean the B/W shots, wow it has one here. Hmmmm I like the video mode here as it has a lot of mics and yes, clear shots. I’ll definitely study how the camera works for this one! haha

Third, screen!!! G3, despite its battery drain issues due to that gorgeous QHD screen. This one, wow, not only the screen was a little better, but the battery also became better despite using the full QHD feature. What’s more, in batt saver mode, I can see something in direct sunlight. G3? You need to run for a shade if you use the batt saver mode. hahaha Damn, it’s nice to watch content here, better than ever! Although Mate 9 has that great almost 6 inch screen, but sorry, once you go QHD, you’ll be QHD forever. haha Oh, I almost forgot, I was curious about this second screen in v10. Now I have the v20 and at first… Nah, I won’t use it that much. Just for the time and the signature.

After some time, I love the second screen ticker. Although I don’t use the last app used or the other shortcuts, I like how they set up for this one. Main screen is the time, swipe to the left for the other tools like wifi, flashlight, even the screenshot. No need to unlock the phone and it’s there! My favorite feature, was when you are listening to the music player and you swipe to the right. It has that simple play, pause, back track, next track. Wow, it’s very helpful, I don’t need to double tap the screen and push the buttons. Here, simply swipe and enjoy the music! Plus yeah the icon notifications, it’s there, like sms and messenger, you can see the whole message easily. Plus when you are doing something, it has that ticker for calls, you don’t need to get out of the current app, you just look above and cancel the call. Plus, I like this one, while watching mx player or youtube or surfing the net.. To avoid addiction or consuming more time, the time shows at the left side all the time! You don’t have to swipe down the screen to just look for the time, here it’s always there! Avoid addiction of course. hehe

Fourth, software and performance! Despite those small changes, I like Nougat due to multitasking plus the apps working faster now. I still think the snapdragon 820 is fast even in today’s standards. Even I did not have those app games, I can say, changing apps, launching or multitasking, it’s like 50% faster than G3 plus without freezing. G3 does freeze sometimes, plus the dreaded bootloop happened to me at first. Great thing, those things, won’t happen here. I like the customization you can do and yes, great fonts! haha I think Mate 9 can also deliver this, but with the second ticker and knowleadgeble about LG’s software, I’ll pick this phone over Mate 9.

Fifth, yes, the price! Great thing, I did not reserve on November 2016 and got this for 35k! hahaha Thank God for great second hand owners. I won’t tell the price but definitely, way lower than the first price. Well for 35k is quite expensive, for 30k, that’s worth it! Lesson learned, give the phone 6 months after the launch date, do some searching in olx.ph and think of the price you can average at that time’s market price, plus some estimate because you are looking for second hand. You’ll get the best deal! But remind you, if you can’t find a lower deal plus the difference is like 2k for a brand new phone, just get the brand new one. I just included this factor because I got it really a bargain.

Lastly, the most important and shockingly made me hooked… Quad DAC! Ok, today, almost all phones has no DAC, except for One plus 5 or HTC U11 (but you need a type c connector to your 3.5mm jack), ZTE axon 7, LG G6 korean or hk version (same version in PHL) and LG V10. LG G3, I think has a better speaker but when it comes to the jack, its quality not that clear but it’s damn loud.

S8 or S8+ should have my choice but even a DAC is not available although it has great free in ear headset. I don’t care for Iphone. hehe Mate 9, not so sure. Surprisingly, the Honor V8 pro was my almost choice but reviewers said, it has the same sound as Mate 9. Its loud but not for quality.

It means, all of them can’t match the quad DAC that this phone has. It’s the loudest jack I’ve heard in a smartphone. Even the Nokia days, which produced great phones with music players that are good in quality only if you max out or put the volume like 8 or 9 levels.

This one, holy crap, I can’t even past 55. It’s clear and yes, loud. Yes, even the simple DAC, there is a difference but still I’ll just on the quad DAC. No if’s or but’s. Damn, the it made my Klipsch X10, silent. I thought that having a triple driver in ear or quad driver is not needed for now. It’s like a want. I’ll pass that and use the Klipsch for now. I can’t ignore it, I need a better in ear than this.

I’m saying, that’s how great the quad DAC of this phone. It can made songs more clear and some songs I don’t like to hear, now I want to hear it because it’s clear. The xiaomi mi ear, the cheap piston in ear, wow! it’s clear but not that louder. With quad DAC, it helps bring the power. The xiaomi piston in ear, it’s loud but not that clear. This DAC helps to make it clear. The X10 is a different story. The quad DAC made the in ear louder (this in ear is already loud) and yes, clearer (in my G3, it’s already clear). It’s weird but yes, there is a difference. I just shake my head when thinking about this DAC. Of course, my music files were in MP3.

When I converted this to flac… OMG! There were parts of the song, although you can hear all the parts, or instruments.. The in ears won’t be enough to hear them all. I thought, I think, this is where the expensive or more drivers in ear kicks in. Wow, that’s how you’ll be hooked in audio once you use more of this phone. It’s simple crazy. I’m in a pipe dream having those kind of in ear to enjoy fully the quad DAC.. Simply unmatched for now. I’ll transfer to those phones I mentioned, only if they have just a DAC, not a quad DAC. For now, this is the only phone it has one, and for audiophiles, this is the ONLY phone you need for music. ONLY phone.

I almost forgot, for audio recording, yes, simply astonishing. You can set it custom or the one I set up, concert. Amazing indeed!

V30 is coming and I saw the renders and rumors, but I hope only some things. I’m ok that the second screen is gone, as long this phone will rock the HDR 6 inch QHD IPS panel or OLED whatever.. Just go 6 inches, if not, why buy it if I can just wait for LG G6+. I almost went to G6 because it’s compact, looks great, and some improvements in camera and performance, but sorry, I stayed at v20, great bargain, and yeah, everything I need. Or keep the second ticker. hehe

Second thing, I’m ok with non removable battery but please, make it at least 3500 mah, or copy mate 9 or honor V8 pro, 4000 mah goodness! I don’t care if it’s quite big, as long it has big battery, why not!

Lastly, yes, make it like G6, very very compact phone in a 5.7 inch screen. I’ll take it as long it’s compact, and yes, 6 inches. S8+ did it, I hope LG can do it as well. I hope that heavy build in V20 is almost the same in V30.. I know it will be glass back because of the water resistant plus wireless charging.. but how they built this v20 was like a tank. I don’t even use a case when I go out with this thing. It was beautiful than G3 or G4 or even G5 and v10. The most beautiful of course is G6. hehe But this one, yeah, metal finished built plus that metal look. I only use the case when I’m home so I can protect it from scratches or whatever. Weird aight? haha

For now, it exceeded my expectations.. I’m still shaking that there will be a better DAC after this one?! I love all the features despite some shortcomings..

Yes, I can’t wait to use it long until V30 comes. I hope they’ll make it right.

Victorious phone indeed! =)


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