Spiderman: Homecoming

After what I saw in Civil War and trailers, I think, I’ll give this Spiderman a chance despite that Amazing Spiderman fiasco. Great thing, its worth that chance!

I can say, it’s the 3rd best Spiderman film I watched. Of course the first 2 were Spiderman 2 and the first spiderman. This film however, had the chance to overtake Spiderman 1 in these reasons.

First reason, after all those destructive scenes and action parts, only one died and everything was quite ok. Wow, in Spiderman 1 some people died plus Green Goblin so the body kill count was kinda realistic though with what happened there right? The actions scenes were not that engaging as the first one plus come to think of it, they had a simpler action arc. Nothing really special about that. Except how menacing the Vulture is plus Michael Keaton done a great job to be Vulture but the script had limited him.

Second, yes, I like the setting of high school plus how Peter Parker dealt with it but it has a lot of high school scenes. There scenes that it’s quite boring and slow. I hope since the title says Homecoming, they should focus in having Peter wants to join Homecoming party and remove the contest crap and maybe his first crush. =) But yeah, the pace was kinda slow.

Lastly, the dialogue could have improved. My pinoy dude, keeps talking very nerdy stuff plus the meeting of Peter’s crush scene was so short and his life with Aunt May I hope it was more than like 2 or 3 scenes. I can understand they talk fast because its Queens, New York. Not surprising though. =)

Let’s talk about the great things of the film. I love Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spiderman. Wow, if he can do that same young vibe (I don’t know how he pulled off being 15 even he is 19 or 20), the action as well and acting in other like 2 more films, he’ll beat the 2 actors for beging the titular role. No kidding.. It has a great chance which I hope Sony/MCU and filmmakers don’t ruin it. I like the amount of time of Iron Man and Tony Stark which removeds the worry of being an Iron Man movie. Michael Keaton, I hope he’ll be back and yes, Sinister Six at last! My pinoy dude, damn we have a filipino as a Spiderman sidekick! haha That’s an achievement. I hope next time, he’ll have good lines. Zendaya? Hmmm as MJ or whatever, she’s fine, make her hair red. hehe I think its great but I hope she’ll develop as time progresses in these films. Marisa Tomei?! OMG, I can’t believe she still lovely on screen. I can’t believe she’s 52 now and doing these roles. I’m old now. hahaha But yeah, wow.. Just lovely and yes, very touching as Aunt May. Sorry for the previous actresses portrayed as Aunt May, but Marisa got the role. haha The cast has the most diversed one in all spiderman movies. Young and old, asian and white, black so I really like how this cast was set up.

Of course, Tom Holland as Spiderman is fantastic, how he moves, action and yes, comedic stuff here. I just hope his spider sense will grow, but I like the AI within the suit.. The comedy here is gold, it’s fun and has really funny moments. It’s like watching Ant Man, a lot funnier actually. The funny punch lines in a right timing, and yes, rarely we see Cap america this funny. That post credits scene is gold! haha Spiderman is like a neighborhood superhero indeed. I like the scenes he helps the neighborhood in a good or bad timing.

Next part of the film I really loved was the screenplay. I mean, after 6 spiderman films, do you need I mean explaining everything again? That is the question they really answered well. They changed a lot from the set of characters which I loved it. They even did not discuss uncle Ben or Osborne or other characters appeared in previous Spiderman flicks. It’s like all of these happened fast and the background of Queens, New York. I like even the last reveal, the twist of Michael Keaton’s character and yes, the F bomb of Aunt May which it was bleeped. hehe

I hope the next installments will touch on uncle Ben and that’s it. I don’t care about MJ or Gwen’s romance with Peter, because what happened to Peter’s uncle was part of spiderman so that’s important. The romance yes, it was a part but in a latter life anyway unless they want to go at that route, in a slow pace like Raimi did in his Spiderman films. I know Tom has range so the next flicks for Spiderman should have more dramatic tone and yes, equal the fun tone.

I was looking why the film was titled Homecoming.

When I saw the prom banner, ah ok, very clever. Kinda lame. hehe

But when I view the film as a whole, yeah, it focuses where Spiderman calls it his home.

If it not, he could have just joined the Avengers with that kick ass costume!
I like that gesture of Peter. =) Stay low indeed.

I think that was really happened in the comics right? Spiderman kinda stay away from the Avengers anyway, except for the infinity war.


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