broken lines (collection 78)

Thy cannot guess how depth the day will be,
Overpouring of rain at late day, scorching heat at early morning!
Children running wet, workers soaked beneath..
Workers coming in their workplaces drenched by heat,
Students, going to school, ill prepared for the wrath of sun.
All of us, thy puzzled with this rainy weather.

Myself, even I praise the coldness of rain, cannot ponder its course.
I shall not plan ahead whether I’ll clean my clothes or sleep the rain away!
What I do know, this season, thy special to me.
At last, I’ll be free from urgent orders nor commands..
I can now savor the fullness of my being. I shall do my own path.
Neither me or God will know yet, even the rain will provide such path.

What I do know, I can move a bit freely.
Never too late, but it will be soon dearly.


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