Crushes: Takeda Rina

Her cute smile and high school physique captivates me everytime. However, when you know her background, you gotta be kidding me right?! hahaha But still I’m one of her fans!

I saw her first at a movie called High Kick. It advertises like all were done by real stunts plus karate style whatever.. Then the lead was her. 7th dan black belter Karate-do master! Well, due to her looks I don’t believe. Come on, how this innocent looking but normal physique girl be a 7th dan?!

I watched her videos and I was like, no guy or girl will mess this girl. Ever.. hahaha Oh how about that CM which shows her strength of her head. Yes, her head. Breaking 7 concrete slabs in one strike. She is hard headed. Literally!

Hmmm before I get into more details, I think one thing she can improve, except of course her physique which is unfortunately, not for gravure. hehe But that’s not her thing I guess but it’s mostly, well her background puts her career more into action flicks or films or even in doramas, like Juhan Shuttai. I mean, it’s big budget dorama and has a all star cast plus a role perfect for her, a Judo expert but the role went to Kuroki Haru for obvious reasons. She ended up a role that’s small and really nothing to do. I was sad and knew that role is for her. As I looked to her filmography, it’s like 60% of her films was action then the rest were drama. I like Dead Sushi though. haha

But that’s the only gripe about her, as time goes by, she is getting good roles, dorama roles plus the best opportunity of all, leading in a dorama! She has a drama called Wakako Zake, it’s another good night or late dorama. I don’t see any sign she is a tough lady there. She’s gentle, innocent, naive but great drinker. haha It’s fun watching in that drama and good thing it’s now 3rd season!

I will watch Iya Monogatari later, I’ll see what gave her an award for that film. I mean, when acting, she’s very good. She can act as a normal actress and if the film is an action packed, she can do it as well, given what she can really do right? I hope she’ll get more drama projects, or CM’s so she can grow and stay that way. =) I heard she’ll be in Raid 3? Damn, that will be tight!

so really how you can trick her? 7th dan, plus a strong drinker, scary right? If she’s my girlfriend, I have a bodyguard as well. hahaha Kidding..

I don’t care. haha Better just say hi and go away smiling. Hayy… =) きれいな。。


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