Thirty Four

I’m glad CRAP still able to catch up. hehe Yesterday was kinda I felt iffy feeling that I’m now 34. I only got some breath of air yesterday as last week was kinda chaotic plus the immense pressure for the next weeks to study for the JLPT. But I admit, I won’t pass. haha I’ll study to give myself a fighting chance to at least answer the test right?

But definitely, after that, it’s all studying until I learn にほんご. At this point of my life, I was shocked that yeah, friends becoming so busy, that sometimes, simple questions took like days to get a response. Close friends forgetting some things, or even family members, seem to be so busy. Almost everybody got married or lived overseas.. Others just kept quiet. I was surprised the first greeting I got was since Friday, a new close friend of mine. Then yesterday, my 日本のともだち、greeted me first thing in the morning! That was sweet. Of course, family members greeted me and the whole day, I just wondering. I should go out and watch some movies but due to bad weather and other errands, I just postponed. hehehe

Unlike last year, I felt this year, despite burn out or emotionally drained plus physically tired, I felt fulfilled. Fulfilled in the sense, I did a lot of things plus got some great things. Materially, I’m fine. Happy. hahaha let’s simply say greatly rewarded. Another thing, despite that busy schedule and stuff, I’m quite comfortable with it because hard work does pay off. Plus working at home, really gives me that pace I want and just easy rest. Even short, but I can relax fast. haha I learned new things especially discovered some things. I was able to plan better and yeah, done something productive for others for now.

Of course, not all the time was fun. It was a difficult year for me, especially what happened to us, I always miss Kuya Alpro. =) and yeah, some things I did was pushed back just this year. Geez, I cannot do a lot. hahaha Plus, well, sometimes I did feel alone and painstaking sad. I know there is God, family and friends but well, in life sometimes, you’ll be alone especially if you are not married. hehe Plus the responsibilities I have, it’s getting quite higher.

Despite those difficult roles or works, but now, this time, I feel kinda going free. What I really like is to be doing my own thing plus yes, earn in my way then soon might put up a better business venture. Of course, please I want to have a long rest! haha

One priest said, you know while confession, I said all my problems and yes, confessed, his middle sentence was you need to take care of yourself first, get some rest. Oh God, those are the words I want to hear. hahaha Even I kept telling myself, surroundings just don’t follow me. I kept following..

I hope this year, I’m not saying to get rich quick or leave everything behind right away.. That happens if I just passed my application for ALT but it’s not.. hehe So, this year, I’ll focus more on myself, especially yes, I’m feeling 34 now even they say I still look young. hahaha But also managing my other tasks better.

Yes, I’ll use the exercise equipment I bought years ago. hahaha Getting healthy and yes, just pass the JLPT this next test. If you can help me God for July’s test, that will be awesome. hahaha

I want to feel that 34 is just a number for me this year. I don’t want to end my youth, well it ended last year but I don’t want to end my youth that sudden.

I want to it while it last.

34 is not bad. But I’ll embrace it anyway. Besides, I have the same birthday with Gakky. haha



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