jdrama: Samurai Gourmet

Few times I streamed netflix and this was one of the series I watched and finished!!! When I first heard this series, I really frowned, because it’s another food jdorama plus it was done by Kusumi Masayuki which is very good at these food mangas..

But I watched the series and wow, I liked this than Kodoku no Gurume. Kodoku no Gurume is simply the most expensive food eating travel show I watched. Hahaha I did not even consider it a dorama. I thought it was real at first because yeah, it’s a business dude eating in most delicious restaurants and have fun. No other conflicts or such, it’s just I’m hungry after watching each episode. I’m surprised it is going to six seasons.

Anyway, that’s changed in Samurai Gourmet. What really fascinated me was the fact there was a really simple but great plot. Simple because it’s a story of a man who just retired after working 40 plus years in a company and doesn’t know what to do. He discovered that he can do anything he wants now, including eating in restaurants. On top of that, sometimes, his samurai idol shows up in intense situations of his gourmet journey.

It has 12 episodes and I can say all of them was great. I can say episode 2, episode hmmm it was about enjoying the simple breakfast but breathtaking seaside scenary and the last episode! It was sweet!!! He discovered how he met his wife plus looking where his favorite restaurant moved. Not only that, despite how long they were open, the restaurant still remembers him as a good customer. How nostalgic it was. The only episode that I don’t like, hmmm he ate at an italian restaurant and he doesn’t know what to do.

Anyway, great thing about this show was the plot. It’s great because there was tension or sometimes, the lead’s reaction meeting his idol samurai was priceless.. He’s in shock and awe.. Plus yes, the food presented there was dynamic. It was different for the whole series, not only Washoku but other cuisines as well. They were great represented.

I love the small cast. Wow Takenaka Naoto, he’s a legend! Whatever he does like doramas and movies, this dude can act very well in his age. He’s funny and serious most of the time in each episode. I love what he did here. Tamayama Tetsuji, damn he’s cool in this series and I did like him as a lonely but hungry samurai. I like what his character did in that episode his talking to Naoto’s character niece, that was nice. I do hope Tetsuji san will get more of this roles. Suzuki Honami? What can I say? That’s a great example of a lovely housewife right? hehe No doubt about it.

The only problem I had, I hope it has many characters or even like backstory of the lead. Although the lead said his boring experiences at work before, but other than that, I thought somebody from his work will show up and join him but never happen. The story really circling around those 3 characters plus the restaurants of course.

Nevertheless, I was not only satisfied on what I saw like the food, but also, yeah, surroundings plus how old people retires.

Damn, I can’t retire just sitting at home. I’ll do the same thing perhaps. =)



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