Nippon Benkyo: ここ

As they are having problems teaching junior high school students, well.. Let’s talk about High School life in Japan. Over a year of experience of teaching english gave me a glimpse hmmm ideas how HS in Japan looks like. Plus I saw movies, dramas and yes, news.. One thing is for sure, it is slight better than us here in the Philippines.

Ok, let’s talk about what are plus of HS in the Philippines, first is everything we teach here, 80-90% of the time is in English. Medium of instruction, books, or even signs are in English. That’s why we are globally competitive and yes, OFW’s, BPO’s and even migrants to other contries. Another advantage we have, it’s ok to share our opinion in class. Although some times, teachers want to hear the correct answer, sometimes, teachers kinda want us to think and yes, share your opinion or views in a certain topic. Lastly, of course!! Schools here doesn’t encourage or required students to go at school on Saturdays. Yes, if there is a time like that, it’s either family day, special events or remedial classes which rarely happens. Or if the student is in college, that’s a different story though. It means, less stress to teachers and more fun for all of us right? Oh we haven’t talk about suspension of classes due to heavy rain in the rainy season. Students love it.

Yes, those are the disadvantages that Japanese HS has.. The English subject is conducted in a very limited and sparse way. That’s why in times of globalization, they are quite behind in communication due to this very important aspect. I’ll explain that longer some time. Yes, I was shocked that teachers want to hear the correct answers that it should be, very straight from the book or as teachers says. Hmmmm.. Lastly, the most difficult of all, students needs to go to class at Saturdays just for extra classes, club activites and even make up classes. Every single week. That’s why when they became part of work force, they used to go to work full time 6 days a week. Good training ground.. Of course, more stress even they stay half day on Saturdays.

Enough of the negatives, let’s go with the great things in Japan HS. In terms, of well, academics and other stuff, except for English, students will learn a lot. I mean because of their high standards of making children learn each subject, and a lot of homeworks, tests and even club activities.. Students need to learn so much and pressured to do well in school. Especially if they want to go college, they are studying as early as 15 years old to prepare for college entrance exam. That’s why, they have high literacy rate plus they can pursue anything they want in the future. Have you seen their buildings? Damn, I hope every HS here in our country is like that. Public school buildings looks like a private school equivalent here. Sometimes, even better. Wow, I’m kinda envious of that. A clean and big school sometimes help students to learn and enjoy school. Next is facilities and materials for every school. Well, thanks to their government plus their less population, they make sure school supplies are enough and complete. Unlike here that every school year, parents and even schools are scrambling for funds to have materials for the students, or even teachers.

I know Club activities sometimes bothersome but half of its effect helps. They are passionate joining a club and do well on it! They have all kinds of clubs, even the obscure ones.. hehe They find friends there and discover what they like to do.. I hope the same thing here which I think not enthusiastically received by students. They join clubs because they are required and yes, an hour allocated once a week to just do club meetings. hehe I don’t know if that still the thing today.

I know I can’t compare teachers or even the deeper problems of HS because I think they are all the same, like competence, bullying and other issues. Well, I can say it’s more safe and clean in Japan than here.

Oh, the last one, uniforms! I can’t believe they really emphasize the looks of uniforms. For boys, I know it’s almost the same but I like the black or blue uniform, it’s looks tough and cool! For the girls, oh I don’t know what else to say, with their natural looks plus those cute or clean looking sailor suit uniforms, one of the best! I also saw a great uniform, which it’s colored black with red accents for a sailor suit, I thought I’m looking at same anime series. They look better in real life! =)

For students per say, I can’t really compare but one thing is for sure, they are very nice and obedient. I rarely encounter a student that’s so getting in my nerves. I think for the whole year, I only encountered less than 10. 10 hot headed students, in a year. That’s great. hehe

If I had a chance like turn back time and study in Japan High School, I’ll do it. Although it’s harder than in my HS days, then if I learn and have fun more, why not?



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