Good Morning Show

When I watch a Japanese morning show, I wonder how they prepare and how it works. Plus, why they look like that. hahaha Very bright, light, annoying cue cards and of course, beautiful looking people.

After watching this movie, I’ll bet this will show in Eiga Sai. Around 10% chance, very safe and fun film. =) As usual, let’s go with the flaws. The final act, was kinda a let down, it’s safe, not that shocking or any tension happened that I thought will escalate. It’s a downer indeed. Another flaw, hmmmm I hope Shingo-san (Nakai Kiichi’s character name) life conflict was kinda stretched and his other trouble, plus other characters could have fleshed out or utilized because it has a big cast. Another flaw, hmmm one plot point, I couldn’t believe they’ll allow that in national tv right? I mean that the whole hostage thing. Especially in Japanese standards, you can’t.

Besides those flaws, it has great points as well! First of course, nobody will argue with this, Masami-chan is here!!!! Nuff said! hahaha Despite her role was kinda shallow but her performance, she done well. Love it!!! Second, that cast, that big cast! Nakai, Nagasawa, Shida, plus Yamada Gaku then Yoshida Yo and so on.. I almost forgot there are Hayashi Kento and Kinami Haruka. Wow, what a cast plus they did their roles very well, whether its like short role or short dialogue. The dialogue plus the hectic pace at the first part of the film was good! It really shows how they prepare for the morning show and how they work as well on time. Yes, they really use those cue cards… Lastly, despite that last part not good, the length of the film and how it ends was just right. I like when Shingo san went home, very tired, all the bad luck he faced and he faced another obstacle, but great thing, it ends well. (But if I’m that dude, I’ll leave Yoshida Yo for Masami-chan all day. hahaha)

Hmmmm no offense to our morning shows here, it’s just I’ll give a little edge the Japan morning shows than our morning shows. It’s complete, bright and some surprises.

But if this morning show was true, I mean this cast even they are not really celebrities, I’ll get up everyday, very very early!!!!


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