Wonder Woman

I can’t believe I’m feeling great watching a superhero film from DCEU. The last time I felt this, was from Man of Steel. Oh boy, after Man of Steel, every movie from that Universe was kinda confusing and I can say dreadful at times.

I did not set any expectations for this film, more so, I went here because of the critics plus when I saw Gal Gadot in BvS, I gave this a chance. I never set high expectations for this film. I hope there is a change from other DCEU flicks. That’s all I want.

Thank the greek gods, they answered and gave Wonder Woman. hehe Let’s start first some minor flaws. Actually they are kinda big but because of how good this film went, I can say this flaws were minor. But one flaw that its a problem to me. I know other might let it pass or doesn’t mind. That background of Wonder Woman, it kinda bothers me. It’s a rock riff solo I don’t know.. Let’s say it doesn’t fit. I hope they can just rehash the 70’s TV show theme right? That will be fun here. hehe

First flaw, yes, as usual, villains!!! There were 2 but wait, there was another one. The main one. The first 2 villains were forgettable, but the last one, I just hope, suave looking dude who transformed into Kratos! haha But that’s IP, I like the CGI costume though. They did their part and yes, put a fight with Wonder Woman.

Last flaw, hmmmm its a hard to detect one, ah I can say the PG rating. I hope they pushed for PG – 13 rating for the action scenes, but it’s fine. Especially if they built this one for general audience.

Now, wow, I can’t control my excitement over the positives for this film. First was the great cast! Gal Gadot, nailed it as Wonder Woman, after they cast her in BvS with all the negative stuff, I think she silenced them when she first appeared. This one, should really remove any doubts about her as Wonder Woman. Even a young Lynda Carter won’t save this film. hehe Chris Pine, wow, I like his take about the american spy plus his chemistry with Gal Gadot. It showed great at that boat scene. I was laughing plus at the reaction of Chris Pine in that scene, I knew bought of them will click until in that sad end. Princess Diana is such a strong woman, inside and out. Hard to get. hehe Hmmm even the motlew crew of Chris Pine’s character, were good. I like the turkish dude, or I forgot what he is. hehe The villains, hmmm when they are acting, they are good but when fighting, let’s forget it. hehe But I like Robin Wright’s character plus Connie Nielsen. I just hope Robin Wright’s character did not die that fast. Plus yeah, if I have a female bodyguard unit, I’ll take those amazon army. haha I hope in part 2, Diana will teach them how to use guns.

Second, directing! Despite there was Snyder moments, but most of it, Patty Jenkins did well making changes from the other DCEU films, plus making it fun. The dialogue most of the time consistent, I like how she made Princess Diana naive but her strong will and heart for mankind shown a lot. The chemistry of the cast, plus when there was a dramatic scene, it works. Like for example that ending of Steve, it’s sad but it transformed Wonder Woman into something she did not know before, like what’s fighting for Love. I just realized, there were some scenes she took from Superman, the first one. But I felt, she got a lot of cues from Captain America part 1, the only difference was the man died in the end. hehe It’s set up in WW1 but did not say in the story and Wonder woman is strong from the very start but she did not know. In Cap America, Steve Rogers has a strong heart and will to fight for the US, but he doesn’t have the physical strength yet. That’s why it’s like watch Wonder Woman then Cap America part 1, it will be a great treat. hehe Oh, I loved how she set up for WW 1, especially that no man’s land set up, it’s like Paths of Glory, except its british forces. Plus, the setting was really gruesome.. Geez.. But very good! I love her direction. Thor 2 should have been good if this director was not cut. hehe

Lastly, the action scenes! I am surprised that it was few but damn, it’s memorable. From the first amazon battle fight, to the introduction of Wonder Woman, plus the last battle scenes were tight! I agree with others that the CGI fight here is more clear than BvS. I like how Wonder Woman attacked that base and just throw every soldier in the air. Plus, the weapons, how Gal Gadot shows she trained hard for it and fit for her. I was waiting for the invisible jet. hahaha But I hope they’ll explain it how it works or simply remove it in the sequel. The amazon army sequence was very good, I hope they could make a 300 version of it. haha

For this year, Logan and Wonder Woman exceeded my expectations. Logan was more dark but really the grand ending for the Wolverine story arc. Great thing, Wonder Woman started a great beginning from DC. It shows that she can be that beacon not only for women but all of us, continue to do great things even others that don’t agree. I saw that in the scene when Princess Diana arguing with a room full of men.. She was confident and brave to put herself equal to men. Now, I have a 2 reasons to watch Justice League, Batman and Wonder Woman! I don’t care the other bunch. Unless they did great in that film. I’ll have a post for DCEU vs. MCU.

Surprisingly, the movie did not tell why she was called Wonder Woman. No one instance she was called that name.

I Wonder… A great Wonder.



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