broken lines (collection 77)

Today I’ve never felt this satisfied.. Things fell into my lap.
Neither by chance nor luck… Thy came from sheer hard work and sleepless nap.
However, I felt so tired and drained from such heavy load of responsibilites.. Roles that I need split thy self.
Actions I need to perform, lest may affect me or people around me… In a heavy heart, myself.

Some days, I felt very sad… Some days, I felt relieved.. Some days, I felt left in a void.. Searching and waiting.
As the work, coming to a close, thy rewards are pouring in… I felt so relieved. I felt so relaxed as work getting less and less.. Exciting and wanting.
I hope those days are indeed coming. Things I can do and want to do. Lessons I want to learn and eager to work..
I hope days will be peaceful and tranquil. I expect chaos but in a manageable one. I expect disorder but can be place in order. I expect things to work..
I’m writing this in an open heart. Pressured mind. Tired soul.
I will emerge to have a loving heart. Very sharp mind. Unbreakable soul.
I’ll keep going, walking, working..
To the path that is worth leading.


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