Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2

Sorry for the late review. But thanks to SM for the free ticket to watch this very fun MCU movie!!! After renewing my eplus, I got a free ticket! So, good thing, well, this movie has been showing for weeks. I haven’t done this kind of review for a long time, so it’s kinda refreshing. But I’ll make it short as well.

For this film, it’s not as good as that surprising great first film. I’ll give 2 reasons why it is. First, the annoying gold villians. After watching the film, you’ll know that they are the villians in Vol 3. The only reason they are in the film was because of the things that rocket stole. That’s it and nothing else. They were just bothersome especially how they attacked the Guardians, really? Remote piloted space fighters?! Geez..

Second reason, yeah, I hope it was an adventure plot like the first one. It took longer because of the fights happened and other things and explanations plus cool cameos, but if you do the straight story, it won’t reach 2 hours. But due to the overwhelming discovery of Star Lord, they put most of the time at that plot. Geez.

Great things about the film! Only 2 as well. First, the dynamic of the team. I think One Piece can be adapted to a film, because of Guardians! I mean, the only difference is they are not really pirates, One Piece, they are pirates. Their conflicts, chemistry and how they interact really carried this film. Now, I like Nebula despite that angry acting. hehe I really like Yondu! I hope like what happened to the Ancient One in Doc Strange, they could have kept the character right? Then of course, the Guardians, even baby Groot was almost just making cute faces. hehe

Lastly, I liked the cast assembled here. Even Kurt Russell’s performance is good enough plus those surprise cameo’s. Dave Batista, wow I can’t believe he can be actor and comedian at the same time. Chris Pratt is good as Star Lord, Zoe is good and the Nebula girl, and I can’t believe Bradley Cooper was able to work here with Zoe. For 2 films now. That’s what you call professionalism. hehe Michael Rooker wow, he nailed Yondu! He has some twists at the end and it was great, but well it was short. The Mantis girl, wow she’s good, and I’m going to search here in the net.. She’s like Rinko Kikuchi san in half korean/french hehe

Well, I can say this film is great to watch in IMAX. I could have done it but I have a tight budget. hahaha

Hmmmm After this film, I’m now guessing that Star Lord is quite powerful and he’ll have a great role in the Infinity War. I was looking forward for more cameos from other MCU characters but well, it did not show up. This film it has a lot of potential but yeah at the end I felt it was rushed especially in that simple plot.

But it’s not like Iron Man 2 mode that everything falls apart. This film is like Thor 2 but a bit better. I know critics hate Thor 2, but I liked it. Especially this 3rd film coming, I think, it will be the best. A small chance to be the best Thor film.

Set aside of it, GotG vol 2 is worth watching but expect better than that crazy, fun vol 1 but I’m definitely waiting for Vol 3. I just hope those gold people will be useful at that time.

Indeed, they are now family. I like that. The most unique family set up. A racoon, a baby trent, sarcastic former killer, lady assassin turned hero and a dude who is having a good time saving the galaxy. Oh, I forgot the new member who can change an attitude for a while. Maybe I need that power. hehe

What a family isn’t it?

By the way, killer OST plus fun end credits. The director doesn’t show his love for the 70-80’s isn’t it?


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