ain’t eight..

If you ask me 8 years ago that this blog will run longer than I expected. I better say hell no. hahaha But damn, the time I’m doing this blog is longer than having a girlfriend plus studying in school combined. =)

After the transformation of my blog into the wordpress format, I’m now planning to put the final touches. Mostly the looks of it. Unfortunately, it looks bland and simple despite the content I wrote. I hope this year, I could change the look plus make it more appealing, if that’s the right word.

For the past 2 years, I can really say I’ve mellow down my writing. Not because I’m afraid or what, but there are 2 reasons why I’m feeling that way. First, I’ve been doing a lot of work and great thing I was able to squeeze some of my time in this endeavor. Besides, when I want to speak here, I’ll make sure I’ll put something here. Lastly, I admit, I’m either running out of ideas or I have many ideas but I thought I’ll separate my blogs first. As you see, and as I thought, my blog should have at least 3 types or 3 separate blogs. Geez, honestly, I noticed that late. Way too late. However, I think I’ll separte it and if my new endeavor allows me too, I’ll push it.

Sometimes, yes, I’m running out of ideas. You can see that in my routine of blogs or the topics I’ve wrote. Sometimes, I’m worried that I’ve wrote that same topic twice. hahaha

Anyway, first of all I want to thank God for this endeavor. Most of the time, it really helps me to relieve stress or sometimes, having fun or make myself silly or sometimes, I just want to speak out. Despite some new avenues can be used like Vlogging or youtube, I just feel, I’m not ready for it or let’s say, I haven’t really thought about it due to priorities and even preferences. If you know what I mean. But thank God for blogging, I can say, I left something to share in this life through writing.

Second, I want to thank those who read or even follow me!!! Wow, when I transferred to wordpress, it’s more like I can really see people reading and following as well. Thanks for those readers and I really appreciate it even it’s so few. hahaha

Third, well, wordpress! Nuff, said.

Yes, as this writing approaches 9, hmmmmm If everything goes as planned, definitely, you’ll see the new look plus more. I’ll do my best and let’s see which goes far…

Me or this blog. =)


Oh yes, don’t be surprised if you see those characters from now on.


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