Eye of the Beholder

I’m seating in a very crampy seat going back to home/office here in Isabela. I’ve been travelling for 2 plus hours… I don’t even know if I can arrive at the time I like.

However, I prefer travelling at this way, then travelling in EDSA and being stuck for around 30 minutes and not moving. I learned to appreciate the green plain view of the countryside. I never thought that our big is so big and wide at the north. I can say my life spent here for the past 10 months was memorable. There were ups and downs, and yes, lesson learned about real estate and crappy legal matters. hahaha

I also learned how countryside or provincial life feels like in a long time. I did travel to the south, well the farthest I went was Laguna because that’s my mom’s hometown. I can say it’s lively there but it’s almost city like.

Here, damn, the first thing in the morning, you’ll hear moaning cows eating green grass in my grandpa’s subdivision. It’s hot here but not scourching hot due to the gentle breeze blowing all throughout the place.

Of course, one of the things I need to do was to process some important papers, like tax papers. Unfortunately, well unlike in Manila, BIR offices are just one jeep away. Here in Santiago City, holy —–, it’s like I’m travelling to Tagaytay. hahaha In a worse way, riding 2-3 hours in a bus and visit to that Revenue District Office for a few hours. Worse, I might stay there only less than 30 mins. Good job BIR for making our lives easier paying taxes!!! Applaud for public service.

Anyway, going there for me is like an adventure. I mean, like what happened last time, they need something and of course, I cannot go there and return. I need to return next day!!! Geez, it’s crazy!!! After spending your whole day travelling then you end up going back next day. Its just getting to my nerves. I can’t believe, normal townsfolk accept this pathetic service.

As I travelling going to this place, I always saw the long stretches of rice fields. The difference between a rural place and a very rural place.. Big/wide schools and colleges that I hope we do have here. The stark comparison of what a city looks like compare in Manila. The very wide uses of modes of transportation here, from cows, to big tricycles, the dilapidated buses, Fortunners, Monteros, big trucks, elfs and ten wheelers.. You’ll get to use a looking a straight line with no car at sight.

What’s good in my trip going there was the cutting trips of buses. I paid this, then bus driver says we can’t go further, I need to get off and ride to another bus. It’s terrible and tiring. Yes, that happens. Good Lord.

But looking at the nature plus that blue sky above made those bad impressions go away.. For a bit..

If you were lucky, you can watch inflight entertainment. Mostly Korean flicks and chinese flicks.. Pirated ones of course.

Hmmm besides this experience, I still miss my lovely sanctuary. My room. My little place of peace.

I’m glad that I’m back now in that place. =)


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