The Noble Path

As much I thought of this path before in my mind but there was no confirmation. Only for these past years, I’ve known what should I do and I want to do. Even I did have goals reached but I knew I can’t stay like it in a long time plus it’s not for me.

Also, there are some responsibilities that I need to face, even at some parts, I shouldn’t be doing it alone. But oh well I just sigh and pray God.

With all questions and fears, that I always face or asks.. Plus the sudden passing of my older brother.. Such future is uncertain for me. I admit I was crushed and felt so lonely despite yes, my family is with me and friends. However, I still felt distant and yeah, it’s hard to be single with responsibilities. hahaha

So, with all the present circumstances I have, I need to decide what’s better for me and for my family. I can’t just decide for my family because first I’m happy but not satisified with myself. Second, it’s tiring indeed, just devoting my efforts so much to my family. With some responsibilities I have, I need to narrow down my options.

Thank God, there were options I can achieve that if it works, I won’t have problem earning money plus I’m happy at the same time.

Currently, I’m working with my Dad in his real estate biz. However, most of the time, I need to be in a far away place! It’s only 9 hours drive from Manila! hahaha Let me tell you, it’s a very nice place, but I feel so desolate. It’s like I was thrown away in a desert. hahaha But I learned a lot there plus ehem, maybe rewarded.
But due to the many responsibilities I have for this work, plus the responsibilities I have at home, I don’t know how I can cope up with this everyday. Plus I’m quite confused now what to do. What I want to do…

It’s hard to talk by myself all the time! hahaha Friends, it’s very hard to reach them especially if either busy or having time with their respective families. Family? Nah.. hehe

Great thing, one unusual person that I can ask for an advice. A priest.. I went to a confession and after confessing my sins, I asked the priest right away. Just one question that was bothering me. He simply said, choose your younger brother as he is more important than business or money.. Wow, the confirmation I’m looking for was here!!!! I’m right! Then another messages coming in, from another priest and yes, a friend living far away. He told me, although not directly, but he supported me in my decision.

Then other friends came in to support me such then of course, lastly, my family. I know even it will be difficult to earn in this path but I’m happy, they are happy. That what’s more important right?

I’ll earn slowly but surely. hahaha I just realized that for the past years, God really answers my questions but not in a direct or straight way but good thing not in a scary way! hahaha Even it’s quite late to this, but I trust this plan to Him.

I raise all these plans to Him and I hope it will bear fruit. I’m not asking to make all of them happen, just he will be with me all the time.. =)

Thorny, long, tiring but

a Noble path.


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