Rift with KD?!

I haven’t done this for a long time. Ranting about sports especially NBA. This time, I’m focusing my rant to Kevin Durant! I just can’t believe this..

Well, after that freak injury he had, he’ll be playing on Monday (Sunday in the US). He’s back with GSW and try to just get the feel of the game again after like more than 1 month absence. However, the reason for this rant is what KD did.

I’m a KD fan, especially when I saw him live playing in that lockout season. Wow, after that show, he won a MVP and other awards.. When he announced he’ll be transferring to GSW, my initial reaction was, why?!

Actually, even when rumors popped out before his controversial decision, I’m thinking the what if’s of KD’s decision. What if KD goes to this team or that team. I still preferred WAS because, come on, even my CLE will have migraines against John Wall, Bradley Beal and KD at the wing?! Are you kidding me? I think they’ll be number 1 in the east by a mile if that happened!

No, KD chose GSW because he simply don’t want Russ having the ball all the time?! To make things worse, he left Russ out cold. No meetings or even a simple text with Russ about his decision. Wow, this is more controversial than LBJ leaving CLE going to MIA. Why? I mean I have only 2 reasons.

First reason, like Stephen A Smith emphasized, why you, a great player, maybe 3rd best player in NBA or 2nd, you were beaten just last playoffs.. By the team who beat you, ended up joining with them! In a month?! Let me remind you, in a month! Geez, is it because its easier to play with Steph and the crew.. Or maybe he don’t like playing with Russ? What? Why? If that was the case, he could have just talked to Russ and fixed things. He could have asked Russ to play just PG and KD will play or score more right? I can’t believe this.. He really took an easy path to become champion. He good if he succeeds.. He will be bashed if he utterly fails!

Last reason, I was already thinking before that KD’s great scoring talent, like one of the best all time plus above average defense with good basketball IQ, will be a waste in GSW’s stacked line up! Long and behold, when I saw those clips of games, yeah, GSW now using less triangle and more of the WAS offense before. I mean that Arenas, Hughes and Jamison triple offense threat plays. Just make sure one of them is open and shoot the damn ball. That’s what GSW did. But great thing, they have not only good shooters, but great shooters!

It’s always like Green sets the play then let KD and Steph roam around or cutting and let them operate. Surprisingly, KD is the first one to shoot then Steph is like second option. What’s more shocking, Klay became non existent! Some plays, he can touch the ball but he needs to pass or as a last option to shoot! A 3 point shooting champion, above average defender plus when hot, it’s game over mentality.. You left him behind? This is nuts. Well, watching this team at an early part, honestly, became boring or sometimes, let’s go to the playoffs. hehe
I’m shocked that despite that small front court, I mean your center is Pachulia or Mcgee for christ sake… Still win ball games, a lot! Green was not better than last year, Steph sometimes lost and doesn’t know what to do. It means KD presence just disrupted them.

It’s not all hate or love lost with GSW, good thing that KD got injured and wow the GSW that I know returned! Steph throwing hail mary’s early in the shot clock. Green becoming the swiss knife we know and the bully he is.. Klay becoming the Klay we know. If he’s hot, it’s game over man. hahaha See the long winning streak now? It’s without KD and it’s fun. Although worried because of the front court, but it’s fun. Very fun to watch!

If you ask me what I want that KD to do… I’ll suggest to him, go to a team that he will be utilized very well. Or if he wants to go for a championship, then go to that team who has that great composition of a team. He can go to the Pels if he wants, that’s like the end of NBA. hahaha Or how about SAS, or WAS or how about BOS? KD and Thomas with his crew? That’s a super team! In the summer, KD don’t realize, he will lose many team mates because of the cap. I won’t be surprised if Klay will be gone due to the salary that KD wants. I’ll be surprised if KD demanded a lower salary just letting Klay to stay.

It will be forever mark to him that few or only one player that is so great, he wants to win a championship, joining his opponent one month after his defeat with that team. Very intelligent and integral move.

KD, I’m still your fan despite all of this, but man, I’ll not be your fan if you don’t play like before after joining GSW.

I’m out..


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