Ring! Ring!

(Other places)

After reviewing all the places here near in my place, from far south like Alabang to my home turf QC.. You know my first place goes to McKinley.

I’ll give other places which I think if you want a BPO career and you live in these places, don’t hesitate to try and work on it. You don’t need to come and live in NCR to get a job.

Cebu – Wow, I saw like a technopark there and it seems, they were able to built a great one. It’s like they can compete or exceed Makati in terms of mobility. Plus, I can say, they have a lot of better speakers than us. There were agents or workers who sounds has a better english accent than here in NCR. But for those who doesn’t have a good accent, I can also heard some agents doesn’t have a good accent. Not to offend these agents, I’m saying is I hope they’ll be trained well.

Baguio – Yes, not as big like in QC or even Mandaluyong in terms of space, but I saw a great BPO city with a lot of talent. Despite small numbers of workers, but they were able to set up well. I don’t know the call centers or BPO that I know still exists here but I saw some american companies set up here, so it shows the talent is still big here. Plus, you have a great weather here, always cold.. hehe

Davao – Well, enough said, I think the best city in the down south to have a BPO industry. Lots of great schools, plus the peace and order and discipline.. Then, yes, don’t forget maybe cheap cost of living! Some of the big BPO’s in NCR has branches there in Davao, it means, this city is there first choice down south. In central Visayas, it’s always Cebu. Not bad for this city, they can compete against the big cities here in Manila.

Sorry, I did not research other cities in the Philippines which has at least technoparks. I’m thinking Bacolod or Iloilo has some BPO areas but not really big like these cities I mentioned. Sorry if I missed some cities. =(

It’s a great thing companies not only put up their companies mainly in NCR but also in these great cities outside Luzon. I hope they’ll put more in the future not only in these big cities.. But also in not so popular cities. Its a win win for both parties as you see. For the worker, you don’t need to leave your hometown and go to NCR just to work in a call center or BPO. For the BPO company, lesser costs due to the province cost of living plus you might also get tax breaks or benefits from the local government. Then you’ll provide a lot jobs to local people. No need to go out and recruit elsewhere right?

Despite other current challenges that the BPO industry has in our country, the future is still bright and I hope, we can sustain the growth and provide more jobs to people who looks for a different but rewarding career.

Our position as No. 1 country for Call center set up due to our great command of english language is just the tip of the iceberg.

I believe, we can do more!

A lot more from other places here in the Philippines. =)


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