Dude, do I need a car in Manila?

As I’m going back and living in Manila, of course, I can’t live without moving around Manila. I thought when if I reap some rewards from the endeavors I’ll do, I thinking of having a car.. I have a driver’s license but I don’t know how to drive. But there is always a driving school. hehe

However, as I imagine I know how to drive, do I really need a car in this crazy chaotic place? Don’t get me wrong, I love Manila as this is my hometown and birthplace. If you want to be specific, QC! hahaha

As I drool over the used cars in OLX especially the BMW ones!!!! (BMW is my dream car, no question) It’s gotten a bit less expensive than I thought. But when I see the long traffic, especially in the rush hours in front of my house, I’m getting discouraged. haha Well first of all, traffic is the major concern in this place. I mean before, it’s traffic when it’s rush hour. These days, as long, it’s weekday, all day long, traffic is always there. It really gives you stress and hassle or worse, you haven’t started to work then you’ll feel it’s a bad day. That’s why when I used to work in Makati, good pay but I’m tired always! Well, travelling from Makati to QC is not easy what it seems, especially at 5pm ish hours. No no no… It’s like you thought there is a fiesta or procession when travelling at those places. Geez..

Second, expenses!!!! Well there will be expenses especially maintenance. The older car you have, it will be more expensive to maintain it than new cars. That’s given anyway. Of course, the part which you’ll be felt shortchanged is gas prices! Good thing these days, gas prices are manageable. But years ago, it reached 60/liter! You gotta be kidding me right? The more you are slow, the more gas you use. Unless you want to just turn off the engine everytime you see a long line of cars. It’s damn crazy. Yes, the expensive car you have, the higher gas expenses you’ll have. Geez..

Third, road projects left and right. I mean, it’s not bad that they are doing these projects but the timing is just so bad.. I mean they could have done it earlier, sooner or in a time that it can be done in batches… But the government does the opposite. They do it in the morning, they do it when there is rush hour instead at night and yes, they kinda block everything that causing bottleneck in the streets!!! Good job! Add to insult, doing pathetic programs such as that cars can’t travel in these hours ending with odd plus even number cars will not travel in the next 2 hours… Wow, sounds a good plan to me!

Lastly, well, the icing on the cake, driver’s discipline. Not all drivers are really bad here, but there goes a saying that if that driver was not caught cutting or swerving, I’ll do that as well! Well, it doesn’t work, plus sometimes it causes accidents which cause horrendous traffic! Drivers never learn. Enforcement is the only solution if the enforcers themselves, neither know the traffic laws or ehem, getting paid to let drivers get away. Good Lord.. hahaha

So, my dreams of driving around the metro in an used BMW series 3, maybe 2010 ish model or around 2008 is good… Kinda dashed when I see and feel those factors I said above. Good thing there is like jeep, cab or grab which even it’s slow or expensive, it lessens the stress of travelling around.

I always say, when somebody here in the province says it’s traffic!! But the traffic here is just short or a bit delay.. I tell them silently, you ain’t seen nothing yet the traffic in Manila!!! =)

for now the answer to my question, as of now…
Hell no!


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