Summertime 2017

At this rate, it’s still not that hot which I expected. Although laundry was easy to do these days. haha

I don’t know yet what to do, but thank God some of my plans are going into fruitition. hehe Despite, the financial uncertainty I’ll have if I follow those plans. hahaha But I have confidence in myself that it should work! As long sloth will not consume me.

However, summer for me, I have fond childhood memories. One striking childhood memory was when I used to live in Project 7, I used to play outside! Played basketball with some neighborhood kids and we played all afternoon under the scorching summer heat! Plus the mini halo halo stores around our neighborhood, we ate and enjoy playing old skul pinoy games like patentero or habulan! hahaha

When I got older and priorities changed, hmmmm I must say I spent time with real friends, I missed them a lot! One time, we just played Counter strike, battle realms and other computer games all summer long! There was also a time, that summer was a time for love. Beat the hell out of valentines day! hahaha

This year, I just hoping for a few things. A result that I’m waiting for. Although I knew I’m going to fail, a feedback will be fine right? Another thing, study hard for Nihongo! Now, I’m studying everyday until July comes. Another thing, change will come and I should start by myself right? One by one, it will happen, I will make it happen!

If I have funds, or extra time, I’ll watch movies plus if I can go around, go somewhere peaceful perhaps. Spending more time with my friends and yes, some errands to do.

It’s an interesting summer if these things happen but it will be a boring and wasted one if I did not make it happen. hahaha I hope for the best well for my family and friends.

As the year goes until now, I can say it’s getting better! Although some bad things happened, but that’s fine.

Summer is a time to reflect and enjoy sunshine..

I hope that bright so well to me. =)


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