LG v20 vs. Huawei Mate 9

I wish I do have the money to choose between these 2 great phones. hahaha I admit I checked all resources like blogs, gsmarena, even youtube channels which shown great reviews for each phone!

It’s hard to decide on which phone I’ll choose but let’s discuss some parts of the comparison that made it difficult to decide.

1. Size and Design – Here is the thing, Mate 9, is indeed big, 5.9 inches screen! I was worried but when I saw it face to face plus holding it, I want to keep it! hahaha Despite the size, the ergonomics plus design really catched me and I thought I can adapt to it such as putting it in my pocket. I just don’t see it putting it in my pocket for those slick pants I have. It might just slide down. hehe But the looks, it has that premium looks indeed. Although not as tough with V20, but it’s great to hold! V20 is a different beast in face! I mean, when I saw the reviews, it’s quite simple but when you hold it, wow I don’t need a case for this! A ring is enough! Even it’s not elegant looking like Mate 9, but the tough looking phone, you can be assured that a fall won’t destroy the phone. I know it’s not water resistant, but hmmmm I’m not really into dipping my phone into water, even by accident. I only did that once but that was my nokia phone. It survived. haha V20 just right in my hand plus great ergonomics for a QHD 5.7 inch!

2. Screen – speaking of the screen, well for the V20, what else can I say? I have a G3 and QHD is really a blessing for media consumption. Watching youtube, looking at apps and website, browsing IG or gallery pics, and yes, watching movies!!! Put a 13GB file of movie here and it will just play smoothly. hahaha Full blu ray file glory!!! Due to my experience in QHD, I knew that a FHD phone won’t look as good as QHD. In Mate 9, that notion changed me. When I saw the reviews, I can’t believe it’s in FHD. It has the same brightness under sunlight plus it looks great in that big screen. When I tested it, I can say, it has no difference in QHD for just scrolling the phone. Unfortunately, the demo phone won’t allow me to test for watching flicks, but I can say, it’s a great phone for consuming media. Before, I can say that a phone more than 5.7 inches is just crazy for watching films, but with Mate 9, I’m willing to make that exception. hahaha

3. Battery – Why the next part of the comparison is about battery? Honestly, I thought I can just let go the battery problem in my G3, but I’m using it for a year and sometimes it irritates me. haha I have a powerbank with 10500 Mah capacity but it 2 days, that’s gone. Can you believe it? I’m thinking, with a V20, I need not only a powerbank but also an extra battery. Although the reviews says the 3200 mah is ok for the day due to the optimization of the nougat software but that QHD screen, it takes toll in the phone. Sometimes, it also takes toll on you. hehe That’s why Mate 9 is for me, I believe fitting for me because of the massive 4000 mah battery! That big battery I believe not only can survive one day, but more than a day. That FHD really helps the longer battery life plus standby time and browsing and other things, I will be beaten by this phone. Yes, QHD way better in consuming media but tolling your battery very fast.. I’ll go with that FHD and big battery!

4. Software Performance plus other features – Both of them have Nougat software, and as expected its way better than Marshmallow. hahaha Here is the thing, the problem with EMUI from Huawei, some gestures seems not consistent, it’s good as per reviews but not consistent. Great example, the notifications seems not good in Mate 9. If I use it now, that factor will be difficult for me because I need good notifications. But in the future which I don’t have that a lot of work, I’ll let it pass. V20 well, it has a good second screen which I think I’ll use it a lot plus the notificiations are great. The qslide, I thought at first it’s just a novelty but when I used it in my G3, it really helps, especially when you are texting plus computing at the same time. Multitasking is better in V20. Icons, the UI and other features, hmmmm I’m quite biased and I’ll give it to V20 because with my experience with G3.. hahaha But I’ll give EMUI a chance if I’ll get Mate 9. I don’t think it has qslide. hahaha Unless you’ll have the dual screen working. Ah don’t ask me game performance. I don’t play games in my phone and I think both of them will handle those games easy peasy. hehe

5. Camera – the best battle of the dual camera system!! I liked V20 dual camera due to the near and far camera set up in just one place. Although I’m surprised that the 8mp has small detail capture, that wide lens is really fun! That same goes with the selfie camera. I don’t really like selfie and I tried it in G3 but it’s crap. That will change in V20! Mate 9 is also a crazy camera set up. Monochrome plus great color camera. I saw those Monochrome shots, I want that! It’s like an album cover in a vinyl record. hahaha Plus the other shots although not consistent, it has beautiful close up plus wide shots as well. I think patience is a great word for Mate 9’s camera! hahaha For video, well, simply choose V20! But for video, hmmm I don’t really use it in G3 but the quality is really good. I think in V20, the camera is twice better than G3. Mate 9, other reviews says it has the weakest link, the video feature. Although it has pro camera features, but the video is quite crappy. It was better than p9 plus but still far from V20.

6. Sound – Well, as much Mate 9 goes, it has good sounds and the DAC is great as per gsmarena test. The speaker is almost loud as a bluetooth speaker in a medium volume as I saw in the videos. Wow, that’s very loud! I think what I listen in G3 will have the same audio performance in Mate 9 but the volume in headset will be lower. G3 just has that crazy volume in inear headsets! V20, it’s just hard to ignore the Quad DAC! It’s the hardest factor for me to just let it slip away. I’m an audiophile and G3 is the best playing audio playback, I felt my Xiaomi in ear pistons are not enough for that power. I will feel the same if I use the V20.. I need at least the dual drivers or if I can afford quad drivers in ear. This part, both of them are great, but V20 is simply great! Cannot ignore this feature. Even the reviewers said it’s the best feature in this phone! For sound recording, well, give it to V20 because of the quad DAC, it can record great sounds, like in a studio! Wow, I use my G3 recording seminars or speeches or even classes. hahaha

Verdict? Ok, for the audiophile like me, with great DAC and sound recording and yes, sturdy built, QHD even it’s draining battery plus the great software, V20 is my choice! But well, I like the camera, especially the monochrome, the loud speaker and good sound for in ear, the ergonomics for 5.9inches screen! The great battery which I realize it’s now a must for me. hahaha I can say Mate 9 is my man!

Unfortunately, I haven’t decided it yet, especially the money is not here yet. Maybe if I paid everything I need, that’s the time I’ll decide.

Still… Either phone, I won’t lose! =)


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