loganposter2The first half of this great film, I thought I’m watching a great sci fi flick then the epic second half was like Mad Max beyond the thunderdome, the best version. haha Hugh Jackman looked like pumped Mel Gibson!

Anyway, when they announced that they will make a rated R Wolverine flick, I kinda of wondered, another The Wolverine set up plus the gore and f bombs? Or another story. But when they announced it will be Hugh’s last time as Logan, everybody was hyped up and eager to see this. We should thank Deadpool for earning big to give way to this final Wolverine story.

After a year of waiting, finally, after 2 hours of awe and mayhem plus a depressing yet hopeful end… It’s a great superhero flick. One of the best and great comic adaptations. Thank God I skipped watching Origins and The Wolverine. hehe

Before I give the great points, there were flaws like the minor ones I hope they improved. First, I just hope they had a better villain. Sorry for the spoiler.. Hmmm I’m surprised that he fought his young self but I hope they just used different villain. Wolverine has a lot of villians, they could have used Omega Red, or other villians. The villain with the iron arm was interesting but his boss? Hmmmm kinda weak.

Second minor flaw, as I was thinking the whole movie, I think they could have removed other scenes or made it fast paced. I think they could removed the “family part” or when they were able to escape from the hotel, they could have let the family lived then the action happened. It kinda dragged me a bit.

Enough BS and let’s talk about the great parts shall we? hehe

First, well, the casting was great except that doctor. Everyone was just right for the roles but 4 actors really stand out. Caliban, scary anxious mutant which despite not showing the power in screen but his presence and dialogue was interesting. If Hit Girl has a match, how about Laura? hahaha I don’t know if her blades and guns work against her. So if this child gets more roles, she will become famous. The character? Simply great, speaks spanish as well. hehe For Patrick Stewart, wow, we needed a tired, depressed and sickly professor X to be this great! hahaha I think without his cursing, I love Professor X in this film. It’s real, and I was attached to his character especially on the part where his first panic attack occured. That was shockingly great!

Hugh Jackman as Logan plus bonus X24, his performance can be award worthy. It’s like Maximus in Gladiator with a foul mouth. What I liked in his performance was the consistency. I mean, Logan in this story was drunkard, broken, tired plus a bit cranky and yes, already weak. Despite all that, when this Laura came, he changed for her and the situation he is in. I know he cannot do the job well, especially when approaching the last parts but Logan did his best to save the people that prof X said he can do it.

Plus you add the beating, the action he did especially when X24 shows up, wow, I think he did some of it plus body double. That’s still great! There was zero to none wire act in this film and it was awesome! Both Hugh and Patrick, I can say, can be award worthy. That’s great for a comic book movie.

Directing in this film is gold! I don’t know how he incorporated a comic book movie and turn it into like western/drama/sci fi flick? When we talk about superhero films, it’s like we are waiting the main hero to change into something like costumes. Or how about a group of heroes help together and do something.

In this film, nothing like that, it’s like drama which has a dramatic scenes. Sci fi because of the action. Then the western part kicks in when the plot starts rolling! Put it this way, this film can be a western, like removing the claws and high tech stuff. Replace it with guns and make it western setting, it’s a good film. hehe The director also made an effort to made this film stand alone! That part made this film just perfect. I can forget the two other wolverine films and watch this one all day. hahaha He emphasized the emotions running around these characters plus the situation they are into. Plus yes, the Mad Max part in the end. hehe Saving the kids… Damn he really looked like Mel Gibson with that beard and old look.

The action here in this film was fantastic! Its a bit crazy as well. Deadpool was nuts, this has insane action, violence plus guts. I like how they placed the R rated intense action in the right scenes. I cannot even choose the favorite action scene in the film! hahaha I think my favorite scene was the appearance of Laura in Logan’s turf then the enemy tried to catch her there. That was kinda epic. I don’t know how Hugh trained for this when X24 shows up. hehe I hope Xmen films can be like this or remake the 2 other wolverine films. Deadpool 2 expected to be the same so this R rated superhero flicks, works fine as long made by the right hands..

Hmmmm I don’t know yet if this film and Deadpool can be classic films. hahaha But with repeat viewing, plus Blade 1 or Dredd, these adult films should be considered classics anyway. Don’t forget Sin City 1!

Overall, I had a blast especially how they did it. It’s sad that it’s the last time Hugh played this rage induced yet wonderful hero. The next actor playing should be able to deliver not like what Hugh did but how Logan lives right? Cranky, hot tempered but a great heart.

Nice Johnny Cash song at the end. Very fitting indeed for this man’s long journey..


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