Nippon Benkyo: Bunka

Culture is a hard topic to discuss. This one post won’t be enough. However, if it’s from Japan, it’s an easy topic to talk about. As much I want to talk in detail about this topic, I’ll give a bits of my views of Japanese Culture.

Washoku? I know that their food cuisine has a high amount of salt, so I have high uric acid reading. I can’t eat a lot it but what the hell.. If this how delicious, great looking and always interesting, I’ll die eating! hahaha Discussing this further, well I need to eat more different dishes, except for sushi perhaps. By the way, my favorite is Okonomiyaki! I ate one yesterday. hehe

Nihonggo? Despite, it’s very to study the language and writing, especially kanji.. I never got interested learning the language except Nihonggo. I think movies, doramas, plus music then talking to Nihonjin added my interest learning this language. Damn, I should start learning one. hahaha What two parts of Nihonggo I love? Hmmmm first is there is no variation of tone. However, I love the pronunciation, it’s so pleasing to the ears that you can say bad words in a pleasant way. haha. Another great part of nihonggo? Kanji! It has meaning written in your sentence or even a word or name. I already know some names and it’s suprising that they have very unique meanings.

Traditions! There are a lot traditions that are really Japanese. What’s great is there are traditions also present in different area. Great example? Festivals! I wish I could just go one matsuri and enjoy the festivities!!!! I think I like their traditions intact so young generations can experience. One example is I forgot the name but it’s about the cleaning tradition every end of the year! All places, houses or even buildings, has a tradition to clean by everybody as a sign of cleansing. That’s one of the reasons why Japan is so borderline immaculate clean. Almost everywhere..

Human values/virtue… Hmmmm this is one complicated part. Some pinoy values are better than Japanese.. Some Japanese values are way better than us. I don’t want to expand on this as it’s hard to explain but few values I love such as the importance of respect and mild tempered even in stressful situations. The value of being excellent in what you are doing and working hard. The nationalistic pride as well, although we also do it, but Japanese really proud of being one, not in a arrogant way. It’s like their products of their work like electronics, or food or anything from Japan, speaks from themselves. The importance of decorum as well.

Cleanliness and order is not a virtue but part of their attitude. These are some virtues that I love, but some I don’t like which It will show in my future blogs. Ah I almost forgot their good habits hehe

One more value or part of culture I love about them is they are always, like keeping history well. Whether, castles, shrines, restaurants, artifacts or even tradition.. They are good preserving despite well, dwindling population. It’s sad but they are doing great in doing this.

Those are my take in the good side of their culture.

Yes, they have also the bad side, but I’ll think and research it first.

Sore wa imanotokoro yoidesu!

Mata ne!


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