MNL48 progress

Good thing for Bangkok they are now starting their BNK48! Unfortunately, for our own, it’s still in progress. I don’t understand why it’s taking so long to launch it here.

Just checked, and yeah, at last, I checked this site for a long time but only once. Here is my take on it.
Well, as many applicants trying their best joining this group, I must say, I only saw like 20 applicants who can be in the main group. Around 3 girls can be center just by the looks.

I’m sorry to say, most of the girls well it has the looks or image but they are good if they are applying for a korean group. hehe I mean their style or looks can be good for a korean girl group, but not as a member of a sister japanese group. If you look close most of them, you’ll know what I mean. Another thing, well, if they know what group they are joining, they should know how they’ll fare. Of course, being beautiful is great but AKB48 girls are simply just the right amount of cuteness. hehe Most of them or even the previous graduates were not that beautiful. Example can be our own Akimoto Sayaka or yes, even the great Oshima Yuko. Their aura and image were kinda unique and cute at the same time. But they are not that really beautiful. But still they look good. I hope half Japanese girls living here can apply. I think they’ll make it easily. hehe

But some of them, can get in. Even not japanese, I can say some of them got the japanese looks and style. Not bad! What else, here is the most critical factor. Ages of the applicants. If they know, AKB48 and it’s sister groups, they start being a member starting at age 13. Mayuyu, did not easily become Mayuyu, she joined AKB 13 and she became Mayuyu around 18 or 19 then now, she’s one of famous members. Most of the qualified applicants only joined around 18 or 19 but mostly, 20 years old. What I mean is, the window of being a member if you are able to get it, it’s very short. Not short, but very short. I believe that when you are an AKB48 member or other groups and as per history, most of the members who left, the average they leaft was around 21-23, some as old as 25-27 years old. Well, other leave early as if they see they won’t be famous or not famous but no extra work.

They should know that joining this group doesn’t have a big salary. There were a lot of rumors and of course, members don’t admit, they earn few. So small, that they were earning like a normal salaryman in Japan. That’s big if you convert that salary but I don’t think Akimoto-san will provide big salary for this group. hehe Members in the main group, has a lot of work not only in theater but also, more extra jobs like Doramas, variety shows, tv shows, singles if they can do it, CM(commercials), or if you are lucky, movies. That’s why other famous former AKB or sister group members leave when the extra work earns more than joining the group.

So this age thing matters, so their MNL48 life expect to be shorter than their counterparts. Especially if this thing, doesn’t work out here which I hope won’t happen.. They need to think clearly.
Another critical thing for this group, how many girls really they are getting out of this applicants? I’m guessing only 48 members plus some shadow members. I don’t think they’ll do right away Team M, N, L, 4 and 8. If they’ll set up 48 members, then that will be hard for the members. They’ll perform many times in a day. I don’t know how the Akihabara theater works, but definitely they perform everyday, more than 2 per day.

Remember it’s not only sing and dance, there is handshake event or meet event.
Well, I hope they announce the members soon plus the import member from AKB48. hehe Kojiharu left so that’s impossible. They’ll get one from Team A or K or B or even the last team 8 I guess..
Will I go to their shows? It depends in the location plus how to get there, but definitely, it won’t be ticketing system yet because they are not famous right away.

Mina, Ganbatte!!!! That’s all I can cheer to those applicants. =)


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