Ring! Ring!

(last 15 minutes break)

Usual scene for this one;

Sorry it’s Filipino for this one.

“Pre last break na, log out na diyan!”

“Yosi, penge! Palitan ko pag uwian na..”

“Beks, pantry, chismax ito!”

thinking last call before break (Yes, last break na!! makahinga naman! CR na CR na ko!)

“TL, last call, break ko na!”

“TL long call, irate customer!”

“Hey, ano gagawin mo sa last break?”

“Hoy, tama na pagpapanggap!! Log out!”

“San ka? 711? Pabili naman!”

“Yosi tayo pre! (Di naman ako nagyoyosi pero baba naman ako, makahinga.)”

“Alfred, coaching after your last break.”

“Guys, team meeting after your last break! (Yehey!)”

“Guys, cancel daw team meeting dahil queuing! (P*@! naman)”

“———- (stress naman tong araw na to!)”

“Guys, there is pizza, eat it at your last break ha”

“Hoy ayusin stats nyo!!!! Mga buwisit kayo!”

“While doing a 2 and a half hours talk time, thinking (Bad trip naman, may last break pa! Wala na ko boses! Letcheng workforce to!)”

“While talking nicely to a irritated customer (P*ta@g shift to!!! Last break na ba?!)”

“Hay, a very long day!!!”

“Beh, tagal ka pa diyan? Last break mo na ba?(hay naku nakakadiabetes naman. hehe)”

“Pre ano plano mo paguwi? Inom daw!”

“Guys, after shift, team eating, este team meeting!”

“Guys, after shift, alam nyo na ha! Sama na lang kayo! (inuman. hehe)”

“TL, last break ko na ba?”

“Guys, parang awa nyo na, adherence!!! Ang tatanda niyo na!”

My favorite!

“TL, may last break pa pala tayo?! Parang break naman tayo whole day. (RAM kasi) =)”


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