Ah hindi typo error yan. hahaha Wala yan mali! Parang joke naman yan lagi. Valentines day.

Hay, pagdating sa love, wala na ko alam. hahaha Romance.. It’s like a forgotten word to my vocab. Despite most of my friends gotten married, well I still end up here.

Single, alone, and longing…

If there was a change happened to me in terms of love. There was.. Standards! I’m not desperate.. Let’s say, yun standards eh di naman sobrang baba, parang acceptable level na. Pero sabihin na natin, iba naman. hehe

Damn, I already forgot when I had my last date… OMG it’s years! hahaha Today, malamang trapik sa Sta. Mesa. Don’t go there! hahaha Malls, and restos will be jampacked for sure.

Well, what is love for me in the future? Sa ngayon, mahirap sagutin, kasi wala naman ako prospect or liking. Especially what happened last year and I haven’t really made a recovery, physically or emotional. I know it doesn’t show now, but I know it will show soon. I just kept on moving, working, thinking and living.
I don’t know how to answer when will I have a new love.. Or a girl that I’ll love. Or even urge to court..

But what I know, if I see that scene in my dreams..

She is the one that I’m looking for.



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