John Wick Chapter 2

john-wick-2-posterI haven’t watched part or chapter 1. Although I did see snippets of it, I must say Keanu Reeves still has that action chops. He moves like 30 plus years old. haha

I did not expect anything for this one or let’s say I got curious about the action into it. Reviews mostly good and trailer was tight. I went it for the first day of showing here in my country and what a surprise crowd! It’s big. It’s a mixture of dudes, some girls and yes, couples! I don’t think this film was a “date” film… hehe

Anyway, two flaws that I hope they fixed. First was the screenplay, I mean I felt it’s rushed.. They rushed doing the sequel and this got a big hit. I mean, everything should be done right? So, now, John needs to fight or kill again to honor a contract. Good grief. I thought that it’s his survival instinct was the main drive for this story. It’s quite a letdown. Especially in the end, I don’t know what he’ll do. It opens for another story, maybe they can do another spin off or how about end it at chapter 3? Another flaw, hmmm not the main villain but it’s the lady killer. I thought the fight scene of her against Wick will be long… But it was short.. I hoped Common was the main henchman right? By the way, another thing in that lady assassin, I hope she speaks or if she is really deaf, I hope she really kicked ass in the end. Like the lady in Kingsman right! From start to finish, she’s awesome. Here, her looks were awesome, not the action.

Despite those flaws, I’ll give 2 great reasons why you watch this great action film. The action scenes were nuts! It’s like watching action films in the past which has better cinematography and set pieces. It has also a great mixture of guns and hand to hand scenes. Damn that first scenes were thrilling, then add that scene like when John looking for help, every assassin tried to kill him, but no avail. Pencil was enough for him to do the job. Wow. hehe Shooting scenes were great, there were also thrilling moments and cool! I think, give credit to the director for this one. It’s not homogenic or visual frenzy action film, I believe most of the scenes were real.

Another reason was the great cast. Except that main lady assassin, most of the cast done a great job. Even John Leguizamo did his great one scene shot. hehe Keanu was damn good, really surprised how he can do this moves, it’s like watching human Neo that aged. hehe Other cameos were good, I like indeed the continental group, I like to be in that group! hahaha I don’t think James Bond’s benefits of being a spy can top that, except of course, his car plus women. =) Laurence Fishbourne, I hoped he stayed long. Ian Mcshane, wow, very interesting character indeed.. I was surprised that despite this big cast, they have few dialogue. The grand action scenes made here I think replaced that few dialogue here.

Definitely, I’ll watch this again in the future back to back with the first one. It almost surpassed the first one due to the insane actions scenes but in the end, they are the same. Old style but new breed of action flicks done right. I just hope it won’t be like the Taken series. =)


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