classics: La La Land

mv5bmzuzndm2nzm2mv5bml5banbnxkftztgwntm3ntg4ote-_v1_ux182_cr00182268_al_I felt vindicated that even this film is still showing in a very few and far cinemas here in my place, I was still able to catched up and watched it! I never done that in a film.

This was how I gave effort to catch this film even in the last film showing. I spent a lot of travelling thru cab. hehe I saw the films showing today and good thing I won’t be watching Kung Fu Yoga or other crappy films.

“The fools who dream..”

That’s one of the running messages you’ll feel within this film. After listening to it’s OST, I thought I can place this film one of the best last 2016.. But that changed.. The music humming in this film, simply really got into me.

Anyway, hmmmm there was a minor flaw. But that can let it pass. That flaw was this film, has few dialogue lines. Except for the audition scenes or those heavy scenes. Hmmmm I hope they could have add a bit more, like when Mia went home to her parent’s house, I hope she spoke to them but no lines from them. How about Mia’s group of friends. I like that group but they were given very little time. Yeah, John Legend has more lines here than the other important supporting characters.

But that’s fine, its a minor flaw that I can pass.

I really waited for this film when I watched the first teaser trailer. When I heard Emma Stone singing, at first, I can’t still believe not only she can sing, but the song she did. It kinda pierced me. As the song said it right? =)

Then Ryan Gosling had that catchy song, I knew this will be great! Add the musical scenes, plus the big musical numbers, and visual feast, plus that different somber mood, I told to myself, no matter what, I’ll watch this film!

But like what happened in the film, dreams come so late. I mean the film shown in the province but it was only for a week. I was not able to watch it due to my situation.

Great thing, here in Manila, the film has a longer run. Thank God, there were some legs to keep it running here!!! Then on Tuesday night, I took the chance and watched the last full show. I knew on Wednesday with a lot of new releases, this film will be kicked out. hehe

I’m thinking it watching it again, this time in a better wide seat. hahaha

Great things about this film! Honestly, I’m a late bloomer when it comes to musicals. Although I saw some of it when I was a kid, but as I grew old, I focused on different genres. This musical genre its like a forgotten kind of film to me. These years, great musical flicks shown up such as the Artist, Les Miserables and Chicago. Those are really great musical flicks and some might put them in classic type..

Unfortunately, La La land deserves on top of those flicks!

First factor, the screenplay! Come to think of it, without the music and other scenes, it has a simple screenplay. Aspiring actress wants to be part of a film like others then met an aspiring jazz pianist. They fell in love of course but some things happened and they need to decide what to do with their own dreams or dreams as one.

Wow, Damien mess it up and was able to come up with an original screenplay plus how the plot shows up! The whole film is my favorite scene. hehe But I can’t do that right? All the scenes were played out right.. Every scene ruined your expectation, it’s like there is a building something every scene. One great example was the summer pool party scene. When I heard that take on me crap singing, I thought I guess that’s bad. But when it turns out, wow that was the funniest scene in the movie!

Oh, my 2 other favorites scenes were that parking tap dance scene and yes, the part were Emma Stone sang and nailed “Audition”. Another scene I liked was the scene before the end scene. That was tricky and fun, loving but well you know how it end.

The tone of the screenplay, despite it’s sad and melodramatic, how they shown until the end was fantastic! I mean it’s consistently fun, and at the other side was bittersweet.

Second great thing about the film, well that simple screenplay won’t work if the director will just sit and say cut. I saw whiplash just last election, last year, that film won’t be great without the director. He was able to deliver the message plus the mixture of strong emotions shown in that great film. It was a strong film and it never fail a single beat on how to be a great drummer. I never got bored plus well JK Simmons delivered as well.
This time around, wow he did not only delivered a great musical film, but an innovative contemporary film! He made 3 kinds of musical films into one. One is silent, like the scene in the planetarium and the epilogue, no dialogue came from the actors for a long time. Old school musical! I mean the vibe, and energy, it’s like the sound of music or other 50’s musical films. Third kind is yeah, a contemporary film. Like singles type of film you know, he could have done that. But no, he wants a musical, but love, dreams and choices! It has frantic pace and he was able to make simpler to the audience. The editing was magnificent, especially the first scene. I just realized, they could have the first scene simpler or anti climatic, but no, he wants it grand! hahaha The song is catchy and fun and the cast in that scene, nailed it… How about the editing in the epilogue, he teased us that it’s the ending!

But no.. It’s sad but it’s the right and fitting ending. Great director, he knows what to do in each aspect of the film, from music, props, location and yes, most importantly, the great cast! I knew those musicals I’ve mentioned were fantastic. I still love the classic feeling of the Artist. The epic tale in Les Miz or Roaring US in Chicago..

But this one, it’s for the books, and damn, the musical is for all generations.
Third one, of course, the music! On those musicals I named, this is the only musical that I rushed and find how to get the OST, now! hahaha I hope there is a longer version of City of Stars and the original edit of Audition. Wow, city of stars, I like the song, its simple and can be sang by a man. I think I can sing that. hahaha But Audition, wow, that like winning song. I hope they have a single for those songs and play it somewhere. It’s just hit in the spot. Hmmmm I haven’t talked about the musical score right? They should win an oscar for musical score. Hands down, give the award to them. I can’t imagine how they were able to make the score and songs really fits into this film. The piano rhythm a mixture of jazz and classic. I don’t know, what other words I can describe about the music used. I think I could listen to it all day. That’s how great it is.

Final factor, John Legend! No. hahaha I’m surprised that John Legend did not know how to play guitar before this. So kudos to him. The wonderful cast. Whether it’s the dancers or supporting cast, they really left a mark into this film. The first scene cast! Wow, they really put that first impression for this film.

Emma Stone, I can’t believe that from Zombieland to this career defining film. She just gave it all here, I felt Mia’s struggle especially those last scenes.. It was harsh and despressing but in the end.. I know she’s happy. But Emma Stone, I knew she’ll have great roles like what she did from the Help then the birdman!!! This one just she nailed it and love it. My favorite scene of her, the summer pool scene where she tricked Sebastian to play I ran. hahaha
No, it’s really the Audition scene. I haven’t watched the other nominees’ films but that scene, it’s a knockout. Subtle yet very emotional as she sings Audition. Unforgettable… She should win. Period.

Ryan Gosling!!! Despite his performance in Blue Valentine, up to this moment, is my favorite.. This role he did in La La Land, just a close second. I won’t argue if others say this is his best performance.. Let me say this, he just fleshed out the role perfectly. His personality and additional singing plus playing the piano part, wow.. That’s magnificent performance. Plus the scenes where he just talks, there is charisma plus he really acts some normal dude who has a passionate dream. Simply amazing. 2 scenes I love from him was first, the night dance in the parking. I feel, I can do that! hahaha The charm and moves, just right!
The second one I like, was the scene where Sebastian prepared a dinner and spoke to Mia. That was not only emotional but simply astonishing. You can see how his character got confused and looks into Mia as he doesn’t know what to do and say about his dreams or goals.

Damn Ryan, I hope he’ll have a film that has great ending in a romcom. Although he did that in Crazy Stupid Love but in a more deeper way. I love Sebastian’s character, that’s my man!!! I love what he did in the end. Despite, ehem one missing in his goals.

The tone of this film, simply even it’s like I laugh, had fun but when it ends, it still leaves a big question. But it’s a good question right? Anyway, in success you cannot really get it all right away. It’s sad but true. =(

By the way, at the start when they used a old logo plus the color palette in that first scene, you know you’ll have a great trip…
In La La land.

Great thing, it’s not Miles Teller and Emma Watson did this film. I can’t imagine somebody else doing this one.

Ah yes, the best film in 2016. =)



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