Killing Fields

Well I just read the news that our fiery President dissolving the anti drug group in the PNP. He is going for the drastic measures. I like that!

But the one I don’t really like on what’s happening from the start of his “Iron Fist” or “Straight Up” or “No Frills” style term was the killings. I cannot stand to see people or suspects or even well the criminals due dying left or right with no legal process/proceedings or even a chance to make their selves heard or given chance to rehab.

It looks like some of my predictions came true. The only difference was the suspects were not found in Pasig river, contained in cement or worse, never to be found. Although I can say, some petty crimes dropped, even for a little but the grotesque scenes of not only poor people got killed but some personalities got killed and left puzzled how it was killed or worse, they don’t know where to start?

Now, police is doing some kind of practices that is shocking such as kidnap for ransom and if the hostage doesn’t pay, it got killed. How evil those policemen are and I don’t know how they became a policeman in the first place?!

Of course, due to this campaign, some big personalities are coming up left and right. The backers, protectors and even financiers. It will be a long fight for drugs or even other organized crimes. I’m just afraid that to achieve something, bodies are falling in this fields we have.
Fields should be use for prosperity not brutality. Fields should be cultivated not corrupted. Fields that are rich not to be grabbed by the rich with no conscience. Fields that are for the people not by imaginary people.

Fields that are conditioned thru blood, sweat and tears, not spilled by blood.

I hope that this war on crimes or conflict we have in our country should stop. Give chance or persecute in the right way. Focus more on what we need right now than focusing on that should be delivered in the past.

All of us, whatever share we can.. We should strive keeping these fields..



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