Nippon Benkyo: Washoku

Washoku is the japanese word for their very delicious cuisine! Wow, although I like other cuisines like Chinese, Italian or well American… None of them come close to Washoku. I can’t believe that most cravings I have are for this cuisine. I crave for Ramen, Gyoza, Takoyaki and of course, my favorite, Okonomiyaki.

My favorite dish is a snack or appetizer for a Japanese meal. hahaha But I don’t care eating that like once a day. I’m also interested eating their other dishes like Nabe, Taiyaki, Mochi, Kyoto sweets, Oden or even that sweet pickles they have. I forgot that name. hehe I really like their pickles. Oh we haven’t discussed their curry! Their curry is simply what, just right. Mild one. Soba!!! I like soba, any kind of weather, I’ll eat one!

Tonkatsu as well, yeah I really like tonkatsu but it’s not healthy to really eat it everyday.

There were some foods I don’t like. Tempura was one, just because its expensive here and it doesn’t make me full even with a lot of rice. Sushi! Maybe how it was presented here, if you want delicious one, then try the expensive ones. hehe I think that will change if I visit Japan. Sashimi as well, hmmmm very raw. Udon, it’s just like Lomi here. hahaha I don’t like both. Natto is interesting but the looks of it, I don’t know if I want it. hahaha I’ll give a chance for Yakitori, but I feel our chicken barbeque is way better.

Japanese cuisine I can say is very healthy. I think most of the dishes are served either boiled or raw. Its nutritious because of the vegetables present plus they don’t really add more meat. They do have a lot of mouth watering dishes with meat but it’s not that many unlike our dishes. Great thing about the cuisine is the bento or lunch box style one. I mean, it has small portions of each dish but it has a lot of different dishes you can try. I love it!! I think few Japanese restaurants serve this kind of bento. I believe this is one of the factors why they look young even most of them old plus they live longer.

I like how they make soup and yes, condiments like yakisoba sauce or okonomiyaki sauce and the bonito flakes if I’m correct. hehe Plus kewpie! I don’t like wasabi. Their soy sauce, I like their soy sauce as long it’s for washoku but not to other cuisines like us. hehe They use very fresh ingredients and yes, they make sure you finish all the serving.

I think it has some weaknesses but one weakness that stands out, is the quantity of serving. If you are used to US or European big servings to make you feel full, then this cuisine will take time to make you full. Great example ramen! If you eat like once in a year and you eat a lot of western or chinese cuisines, you’ll think and feel that the serving of ramen is just little. I mean in a simple ramen bowl. But as you accustomed eating ramen or other meshi like tonkatsu or gyudon, bento, you’ll be surprised that you’ll not crave for more. You’ll be full at the time you finish one bowl of ramen.

I can say that because I was like that before. But once I became adjusted with the cuisine, after eating a japanese dish, then I’m full. I’ll ask for more, maybe dessert or drinks. But I’m full and enough for it. Even like Okonomiyaki, as much I want to eat 2 dishes, I simply can’t. One dish of okonomiyaki plus some small dish or sides is damn enough for me. =)

Mada… Watashi wa Uemashita!

I hate this post. hahaha


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