classics: Muholland Drive

downloadI was shocked that this film, despite I watched it years ago, did not have a post here. It’s like what Stephen A says, disrespectful! I kinda shocked that the last time I wrote about classical movies was last year. Last year was let’s say last year.

Now, hmmm this might be the shortest review about a classic film that I loved. I mean most of my classics reviews were long and detailed with depth.. This time, I think I’ll watch this again. How classic this film is? It’s in my top 5 films of all time.. Seriously. No fuss. It’s a classic. I beg you, if you are reading this, watch it. Just watch it with an open mind and don’t know about it.

How can I say, hmmmm flaws? Maybe it’s the cinematography, because it looks like a TV special. hahaha But when all the elements came with it, you’ll forget the cinematography.
When I did a David Lynch film fest, damn, I never felt this enjoyed watching films since what Kubrick? Good thing I missed Dune. Blue Velvet, Elephant Man, Eraserhead, Inland Empire (yes, the full 3 hours) and the last film was this. Those films I mentioned I mean I was fully satisfied, but after watching this one. I craved for another viewing which I until now I haven’t done it. hahaha The mystery of it like in 2001 space odyssey, this film has it. That’s how powerful this film is.

First factor I loved in this film is the music. David Lynch if you followed most of his films, you can tell he’s an audiophile. Not only he knows what songs to put in fit for the film, but the score! Musical score… This film has that errie but mesmerizing score. His sound engineering for this film, impeccable. Although of course he has assistants, but he knew what music can fit in this magnificent film. It’s mixture of early 50’s sound to some pop sound, especially that scene in the theater. I just stared and did not mind of the dialogue. Stared and listened. That’s all I did.

Great factor are the cast. If you are making a mysterious creepy film, the cast here are simply perfect. I can’t believe Justin Theroux can act. hehe Plus the other casts here which mostly David Lynch regulars, plus yes.. The 2 main actresses. Laura Harring which she delivered a great performance complimenting Naomi Watts and such a important part of the story.. Of course, one of the oscar snub performances of all time, Naomi Watts! I was surprised this was kinda her first made film? I thought she is famous way back then or cast as like supporting one. But this one, oh my God! I don’t know how she pulled off, the major differences of the first and second half of the film. Simply astonishing and worth the risk she took for this film. She’s really good. I was shocked that she got nominated for Impossible which she played great but this one, it’s like 10 times over. Wow.. After I researched about her, its shocking no recognition for her role. Both of them really have chemistry and became that force in this film.

Another factor, come on.. The screenplay. This is the biggest mystery of this film that will have ongoing debate.. Forever. How the hell David was able to write a screenplay that is so interchangeable and open a lot of questions.. Then it entice you to watch it again. Even its dark, eerie, confusing, mind wrecking and yes, its art plus fun. Damn, I think it has the best twist in a second half of all time. It’s like, wait it’s 2 films. I don’t know… After watching this, and just digested for a long time, do I dare to answer a lot of questions in the film? I’ll just watch it again for the sake I’ll enjoy it again. Not those people who watch it 20 times and still don’t get it. I won’t do it. David might be laughing and we might get tricked to watch it many times. I don’t know. But what I know, after you watch this.. Don’t ask questions. Even google won’t answer your question.

Lastly, directing. Sheer excellent directing. I never thought that this film, which almost became a TV series or to some extent cancelled.. He was able to create a magnificent film with small funding, unknown leads and creepy concept. Despite the film talks about death and accident with dreams to fulfill, there was only one I think dead man. But how he presented this film, it’s scary but I want to say, I want to finish this film. I want to hear the dialogue and great background music. I want those shots from a far and small shots. It’s just now, when I’m thinking those scenes again.. I simply want to watch it. He made an infinite film. What I mean is he made a film that you thought you are following right but you don’t. It’s like you are in a labyrinth that you are going to the right way but no, you are stuck in the middle. Stuck forever. The only difference in this film, it has great cast, sound, screenplay and yes, add that mystery cloud over it. Simply astonishing..

Can’t wait to watch again in the future. =) Just don’t ask me
what I think about it. I’ll just give a simply answer.



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