Your name Vs. Rogue One

rogueone_onesheeta_1000_309ed8f6Christmas indeed came by watching these films, back to back before MMFF! Well, I got lucky to watch Rogue One first as I wanted, in IMAX! Boy, it was spectacular and riveting despite some flaws. Your name, is really a total fresh anime film.. It’s sticks. One of the best yet.


I’ll do a short review for both then at the end, I’ll choose which is better. By the way, one thing for sure, you never go wrong for both these films. Both of them are great films..

Me and Algerro watched Rogue One in IMAX. Despite his changing moods, in the end, he wants to watch it. We missed the first 5 minutes due to traffic. hehe Anyhow, we still went it for a great treat.

The main flaws of Rogue One, first was lack of backstory. All of the characters were great but as much I want to root or feel for them, it’s just nothing about them. But it was sad all of them died (sorry for the spoilers). I hoped just one of them survived or lived but well, that how it went. Another flow, hmmm I hope they did longer screen time for Jyn’s father or even Whitaker’s character.. Yeah due to slow flow plus they want to introduce everybody, almost no character development.

Now, the great parts! First one was the battle scenes, whether it’s a land battle, or between fighters, it’s classic! Especially in the space, it’s great in IMAX indeed. We were shouting especially in the space part.

Cool characters plus actors! I mean, wow despite that lack of background, but those characters rock! From Donnie Yen, Jiang Wen, the pilot, plus Diego Luna and Felicity Jones, that cast was excellent! It’s like a great team and they did their part very well.. Oh how I forgot my favorite android ever in Star Wars! Kaytoo! I just hoped all the androids in Star Wars are like that. hahaha Sarcastic, arrogant but sympathetic. I love that android.

Visual Effects, CGI… Wow, I can’t believe that it was shown excellent! One great example, how Deathstar really works. In the previous films, it only shows exploding planets. But here, it’s more than that! That effects of rising earth, the total destruction, very intense.. Scary and eye popping. Plus the fights and yes, the vast environment. Gareth Edwards, like what he did in Godzilla did a very good job at this. But he also did the same here like in Godzilla. Very slow pace, frentic pace but at the end, very effective.

Writing! I know other critics won’t really give a high score for this one. But the last part was tight and how they connect the story to episode 4.. That was damn logical and fun. Plus despite Darth Vader shown only few scenes, it was worth it and the reshoots were just right. It was done well if Disney really asked to connect this to Episode 4. I also hoped they did not order to kill all characters. Almost. hehe

I hope all those prequels were made in this kind of quality! hahaha Lucas should have assigned at that time, Star Wars prequels directed or made, hand picked by him, other directors.

Your name. Hmmmm As I follow Japan news and entertainment, this anime ruled their box office for quite a long time. I also checked the reviews and it seems, everybody likes it. They hail that it can continue as a successor to studio Ghibli works.

Despite those reviews and news, I still want to see it by myself. It was surprising that despite La La La Land was not shown as early I expected, this came a better surprise instead. By the way, thanks to ePlus for the free film and Pioneer Films for distributing this magnicificent anime film!

Hmmmm here was the thing in the film, it’s almost flawless. I think the minor flaw in this film which I can let go, was once that change of plot happened, it was kinda of confusing. But I can let it go, as the last arc kinda explains everything. hehe

First thing I love is the animation. Wow, they really into handrawn that almost perfect. Perfect fit for this current time. It’s bright but not that CG or 3D crap style like other animes today. Its flowing more naturally and it has more depth. Especially the scenary, background, wow.. That’s why many tourists now go there. hehe I was tricked by the intro scene, I thought this is a series. hehe

Second, the music! We know RADWIMPS made most of the music in this film, I do like their version here than the one I saw in their music video but its damn great that I heard it.. Plus it fits well as well..

Third, voice acting! Mone-san great job as the heroine plus Kamiki-san, I can’t believe he is also great in anime voice acting. Plus an added bonus! Masami chan!!! Daisuki!!!! I was searching who she was and I found it. Wow, that character and her, just so Masami-chan.. Lovely indeed. =)

Lastly, I can’t believe they were able to fit in a romantic and sci fi elements in this fantastic film. The screenplay is fantastic! I love the emotional ride that came in especially when that the side part came in. It’s a roller coaster ride plus don’t forget how the first parts showing in the film. It was fun and very light but sadness came.. Then the thrill ride going to the end was that speechless moment. I felt love not of course between the two, but the whole theme in the story. Love doesn’t need to know the name of the person you cherish most. Love will keep you bind together even you forgot each other.

Love will make you remember that person. Always.. This film indeed made me young again. For a bit. hahaha

It’s simple, the best film among the two is Kimi no na wa (Your Name). I suggest you watch it and feel the vibe indeed. By the way, it’s not Tessie, it’s Teshi. hahaha Darn Subs.

But Rogue One is not a bad film, it’s a great film despite some flaws. But I want to watch it and made me realize watching Episode 4 onwards again. Of course, my favorite Kaytoo! hehe

Both films are great. No losers. Both winners!


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