Sharing economy

It’s been a long time since I haven’t done this political and economic subject post. But not bad, it’s never too late!

I only noticed that for this past years of our global economy, I mean after that financial crisis, big companies are now cutting back costs or more so, focusing in savings rather than marketing or innovation or what. Start up companies or application makers focuses in sharing profit like Uber, or even Pokemon Go. I mean I thought Pokemon Go was only made by Nintendo or the maker of Pokemon but it’s shared with Niantic.

Even google, I mean, why google was able to stay head to head with apple? He shared his android OS to all OEM’s and just relied on ads revenue or google play store revenue. Not every purchase has big margin but when you capture 80% of the mobile phone OS market and charge like just $1 for each app you download, then no problem right? No problem in profits and sustainability. Unlike, ehem apple.

For Air Bnb and Uber, like the same concept of Google, why make high margins if you have competitors and regulations, just make it work good and look cool so there. Share profits with the driver or home owner then now those apps or platforms are now worth billions! Other companies like pharma companies, now merging! Just to get the patents and better survival, they just come together!

I think these coming years, all companies should now learn give and go. Like for telco companies, not only giving credits or lee way to the customers but just better service right? For pharma companies, more access to meds and a bit lower price. For banks, well honest service and efficient operations.

But sharing doesn’t mean merging. Hehe that’s different. Like in the territory dispute, we shouldn’t like merge, but we can share as long it has good terms. Go for negotiations, not agressions.

I hope this sharing thing, or strategy works because if not, well many people will be poor or be left out. Many countries will prepare for war rather than helping it’s own country. Or the value of giving will be forgotten. It’s like survival of the fittest I should say.

It’s fair to share. =)

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